Jun 5, 2017

May 2017

Hello guys! So here is my 'kinda' proper post update! I am just 2 weeks away from my finals for Year 2. How time really flies (I always say this sentence do I?). My blogging mojo came today and I figured I should take this time to blog and update about my life. I have come to a conclusion where I just want this place to be a place where I first fell a love with which is documenting my life here and having chance to read back again in upcoming years and reminisce about it and of course if I am able to share great experiences and information, I would do it in my blog :)

Begin with: 17th May

17th May

This is my intro photo. Haha. Yknw how there is the cover photo for each new blog post, and usually I will put a photo which I want people to look first. Yeah, so here is a photo of me tying up a bun to class! Although it is not that much of a bun, more like a very messy partial bun, I like how my hair look so soft here with my faded colours and strands of hair falling off my shoulder.

17th May
Same day I went our for lunch with Clement in Semeling. A local economic rice shop which is a favourite for students in Aimst due to its location and price. It is called Pesta Seafood Restaurant. A very humble small stall situated in Semeling.

A day before: 16th May

I took part in my first interfaculty sport event. I was representing the Faculty of Pharmacy in 1500m track event. Heck I was nervous. I won the first place during my previous Pharmsalympics in September 2016 which qualifies myself to represent my faculty to the interfaculty event. I was up against 4 other faculties namely Nursing, Business, Dentistry and Biotech. Runners were required to be there by 4.55pm, and so we all did. 1500m female track event was around the 7th or 8th event. I was pumped up at first, nervous and excited but it was all neutral by the time my event start at 8pm. We waited very long due to much delays that occurred. Even my body cooled down by the time I begin to run. Long story cut short, I got 3rd placing. 4th place stopped running, 5th place fainted. lol. My ex-roommate (left) ran with me in this event too! She ran so well and I am so proud of her! And also too Jia Gee who won first! I am inspired by both of them, their running spirit motivates myself to keep running long distances. It was indeed a great experience joining this year's Interfaculty Event. And also big big big thanks to all my friends for all the support for screaming my name, who waited so long for my event to come. At parts I think my leg couldn't withstand any longer but I didn't want to let them down nor to let myself down. To the guy who ran with me through the whole 1500m T.T I thank you too. Can I cry die liao. 

A day after: 18th May

 Throughout the whole time I was training for my 1500m event, I took care of my diet and also constantly pushing myself to run everyday. However, due to my knee, I couldn't run everyday like I wanted to. Anyways the point is, I took care of my diet. So right after my event, the next day Clement brought me to McDonald's to satisfy my long buried cravings. Oh yeah! And also, this was a day to remember!!! Do you see my happy face hugging a blue koala bear there? It was won from a claw machine!!! Miracles are real. We were casually walking to the cinemas but was found closed, which leads us to a row of clawing machines. We thought to just try our luck. I wanted this blue koala, so we aimed for it. There was a malay guy playing there too, he even exchanged a RM5 note with Clement to play more rounds. We got this koala by our 6th or 5th try! AH!!!!! Our excitement level hit roof top when we saw it passed the border, down under it rolls, into my arms. We screamed. Okay la perhaps I screamed hahahaha. Ever since that day, I aim to play more claw machines. Lol fml.

5th May: PROM 2017

Months of planning for this one night. Great job well done to everyone!

6th May

First time attending a Sikh wedding! Thank you for the invite Khavitha! With the girls that night.

19th May: The Famous Curry Mee in Eupe

Both Clement & I and also Ying Hui & Kang went for the famous curry mee in Eupe food court Sungai Petani! We went there around 10am and started queing up. We were lucky enough to had a taste of it like finally. We went there several times but it was sold up so fast. So here is a sakai face of us while we were quieng up hahahaha.

22nd May: Mom's Birthday

It is mom's birthday! I was in Sungai Petani and couldn't be home to celebrate it so as our usual tradition, we will video call to celebrate together. "Ready? 1 2 3. *sings happy birthday song*". It makes me felt as thou I was back at home celebrating together. Such a nice blessed birthday mom had this year. Received flowers from dad, birthday cake and also 3 birthday cards in total from Esther, Apple and myself. She love the flowers very much. Suddenly dad's long kept romantic-ness resurfaced. Always so happy to see mom being who she are best :)

23th May: Hospital Visit

Kang was admitted to the hospital and we all went to visit him. This is such a cute photo of Ying Hui by the way. Hospital food not enough for him to eat, extra tapao food for him. Definition of happiness in this photo.

Whole month of May Birthdays
24th May

26th May

30th May
Seriously so many birthdays were celebrated in May! Wow! First it was mom's, then Yvonne's, Xiew May next, then Gerald and also Yue Ying's! and also Khavitha on the same day. 

29th May: Dumpling Festival

Chinese Dumpling Festival! So thankful to those who shared your dumplings! It all gave a great taste of homely-feeling and brings our heart close to home and family. 

Since Foundation
29th May
 Random decision to snap a photo together. Aren't random shots the best? Since foundation til now, my two best friends, one from Tawau, one from Miri, one from KL. Jiayou my MBBS friends <3 You girls can do it. Lacking Yee Ting! Lots of love to you girls!!!

 Beginning with June: Family

"Home is where family is at."

That's all from me for now. Next time you see me writing up a blog post might most probably in July when my finals end. Til then, have a great day!


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