May 19, 2017

Hello peng you

Peng you means friends. 朋友. So hello peng you!

It know it has been a superbly long time since I write on this space. I have been always thinking of what to post in my blog. I was thinking of something meaningful to post, something that is beneficial to anyone's who is reading here but most of the time I blog mostly on my personal happenings.

So the more I think about what to post.....I ended up not posting anything instead fml. So I thought again, let's just not think and let my fingers type as it wish.

But see here, I have been blogging for many years now. More frequent previously compared to current. Ever since I entered uni, I have been blogging less. I love writing, jotting down daily events that occur because I love the idea how I can look back at my old blog post and reminisce the moments that I had. I could use Dayre. But my handphone got no storage fml again. But it still mostly due to fact that I like Blogger's platform more. I like to feel my fingers pressing the keyboard (okay sorry sounds exaggerating).

However, when I grew up, and as I mature, I don't blog as frequent as I did in high school. Because I became more cautious of what I post online. Especially when my blog is open to public, anyone is able to read it. Thus, I have been more careful to not simply blab about anything. Sometimes it could reveal too much to the internet world. If you have noticed, a wave of randsomvirus surfaced in a lot of medias recently. It is a virus which locks the information in your computer until you pay a total amount of money. But based on the news, no one has submitted to the payment.

This is just such a random post on my thoughts on blogging. I shall put up a proper post next haha. Okay zai jian. Zai jian means bye!

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