Mar 2, 2017

Learn to ask for help

Hello and hi,

its funny how, few minutes ago I thought my title today was going to be "Be Independent". Given a circumstance where I am staying 373km away from home, there are a lot of things you have to do yourself. Previously I blogged about how I had food poisoning in my university campus due to the cafeteria food that I consumed. Thankfully I had great housemates and room mates that time. That was during my foundation years.

There are many situations where I have to do things on my own now. It is always good to have help from people, but if given a choice I would rather choose to do something myself. Because I don't like to bother other people. Everyone have their own things to do. And you yourself is responsible for yourself. People can help you but they aren't obliged too, and most of the time you can't depend on other people to help you, after all, it is your own matters, not theirs.

Thus, I don't really want to ask people for help unless I really had no choice and when I am out of wits. Like let's say a printer problem that I faced.

 I am currently using HP Deskjet 2515. My printer ran out of ink. Both the colour and black ink. So I refilled the black ink, but I don't have the colour ink. The problem I faced is my printing is streaked. I searched online on how to handle this problem. My room mates gave me some solutions. But neither worked. I was at wits end. And I know my period was coming, so I could sense the easily-get-irritated feeling already ( okay here makes no sense). But I hanged on and not burst. Because, after all I was telling myself, this was a very small problem and it was my own problem and I shouldn't have disturb anybody's time and I should learn to settle this thing. I thought to myself if I really couldn't settle this, I might post it to facebook or group chats to ask anybody knows how to solve this. But then I didn't.

Lastly I told klm, and I think he had a very logic solution to my printer problem. And I didn't want to sound so whiny nor naggy when I told him about this issue. And so, I think my printer solution is solved. I had to get the colour catridge too to see if the streaked printing will be solved.

Point here is, I am very much appreciative of him. And sometimes, hey, maybe the feeling to depend on someone once a while feels nice.. Thank you.

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