Feb 14, 2017

So talking about...


So I thought, hmm, today wasn't a very productive day, I should publish a blog post to make myself feel abit productive haha. Today was definitely one of those days where you don't want to do anything at all, just stay at home, put on a korean drama, slack and just laze away.

I will also put my Bangkok post on hold and just blog on random stuff. It's funny thou, coz all this while if I think of publishing a blog post, I will have so many thoughts planned out to blog. I would've think of what topic to post and also how to put my words together. But when I sit infront of my laptop preparing to type my blog post, I forget everything that I wanted to post.

So here are some random thoughts,

the other day I was talking to my friend, on new year resolutions. I think it was probably my 19th birthday (I guess), I thought of maturing. To be more rational thinking, more mature, to make decisions, don't be indecisive. I had a problem of deciding stuff sometimes. This is call dilemma. Indecisive. Still happens to me sometimes.

So about maturing, I learn that you actually mature through experiences or when you are being put into a certain situation where you by hook or by crook have to do it yourself. Up until now however, I still think I am in someway, still not mature. But I was told that it is alright. It is alright to not know everything. You can't expect yourself to know everything by the age of 21. You are still in the age of learning and discovering. So just go with the flow and learn from every step you make.

So talking about turning 21,
I registered as a Malaysia voter! Have you? I am excited to vote. So here is some info I got:

  1. You only can register when you pass your 21st birthday.
  2. You can register at Pos Malaysia.
  3. You just need your IC to register as a voter.
  4. It takes 3 months to process.
Thus, I am not sure if I can vote for this upcoming general election (GE) since it takes 3 months to process my registration. I don't know if I am registered on time. So let's see then! To those who have passed their birthdays, you guys should go and register now and be a responsible Malaysian!

So talking about the korean drama I am watching,
it is called Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. It is quite a different drama concept. It's about a young lady who is a weightlifter. So she is in a sport's school. When I am watching this drama, I tend to notice very good values from it. There are some very good quotes too.

"Learn to stand on your own two feet"
Becoz Joon Hyung(the male starring) told his ex-girlfriend, Si Ho to be independent and learn to stand on her own two feet.

"Be as strong as steel"
Because in life, you got to be strong to face any challenges.

So talking about a book I recently read,
it was written by Ellen Degeneres. I had a nice time reading her book. One of words that I remember was "Be unique". Sometimes we tend to follow the norm, to not be different from other people, so others won't give us weird look. But actually, everyone is different. Everyone is unique in their own way. So don't care how others look and you and just be who you are.
Hmm I think that's why klm always told me to be myself haha.

So talking about friends,
I think it is very very, very important to find friends whom you can share deep conversations together. Where you can tell them anything openly. And I believe I have those friends :) For that I am very very grateful for their existence. We all meet different people in life for different reasons.

So talking about women,
girls have pms. What is pms? Pre-menstrual syndrome. And we tend to be quite different in this period of time. We tend to lose our patience easily, get irritated easily, frustrated. I still don't know why this could happen lol. Nevertheless, I am trying to get a control on this pre-menstrual syndrome. I am still very curious about pms at how it can influence our mood. Well, I guess it's the change in hormone levels. Girls are also need to take notice of health check-ups such as pap smear. I came to know this through a video I was watching.

So talking about valentine,
Today is February 14th. I read back on my previous blog posts about Valentine's Day. Haha pretty childish omg. Nothing much happen this year's Valentine. It's funny how I take notice of Valentine's Day more last time compared to this year. I think it is mostly about spending great quality time with your love ones like your family, friends or lover. It doesn't have to be only on Valentine's Day. I still don't understand the point of it la actually lol. I would love birthdays, Chinese New Year and Christmas more because it's a day that have a meaning to it. Valentine's Day also have it's meaning la, but I don't know about it, so I don't care la lol paiseh.

So that's it. Haha. Done with all random thoughts. It is very random, but I just felt like typing out a post.


Feb 11, 2017

Bangkok Day 1: Chatuchak Weekend Market & Chinatown

4th-8th February 2017

Mom and I travelled to Bangkok! It was our first time travelling together, just the two of us. It was quite intimidating at first because there were many uncertainties. We didn't really planned our itinerary for the trip, we thought of just going with the flow, seeing what fits well then we'll go for it. After all, travelling spontaneously is probably the best experience ever.

[Saturday, 4th Feb] - The both of us first arrived in Don Muang Airport at 8am in the morning. The first thing we did when we arrived was to buy a sim card. There were many people selling sim cards as we exited the arrival hall. We bought ours from truemove for 299baht, for 7-days.

truemove sim card
After we bought the sim card, we head outside of the airport and we found many public buses which states Mo Chit BTS. So we planned to head straight to Chatuchak Weekend Market instead of checking into our hotel because it was too early to check-in anyway.

How to get to Chatuchak Weekend Market from Don Muang Airport(DMK)?
You can take a bus from Don Muang Airport at 30 baht to Mo Chit BTS and from there you can walk to Chatuchak Weekend Market. The buses can be found outside of the airport. I think this is the cheapest route to Chatuchak from DMK.

1. Chatuchak Weekend Market
The best time to shop is from as early as 9am! The weather won't be very hot and sunny, plus, you can have the first buy of the day which many of the vendors would like because they believe that the first buyer will bring luck to their sales for the rest of the day. You might even see them rubbing their goods with the money you paid.

Chatuchak Market is huge. I am not kidding. If you really take the time to shop, you could probably shop the whole day. There are many many things to see in Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Opening Hours:
Friday 6pm-12am
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 9am-6pm

2. Check-in to our hotel in Sukhumvit
One of the best decision was to stay in Sukhumvit area. It is a very very busy area of the city with many office workers, shopping malls, BTS, subways, busses, taxis and tuk-tuk. Our hotel was at a very strategic area of Sukhumvit. Just few mins of walking to Sukhumvit Subway station and Asoke BTS and also Terminal 21!

taken from google. This was our room

Fusion Suites Hotel

3. Chinatown@Yaowarat Road
We took a tuk-tuk to Chinatown for 200baht. The tuk-tuk guy first said 300baht, but we felt that it was a bit too pricey. So he then agreed to 200baht. One thing for sure in Bangkok, you really have to bargain your price for your transport when you take tuk-tuk, taxi and even shopping.

Fried Noodles
Fried dough with kaya! This is really nice.

Pad Thai
Chinatown was packed with people! We tried some fried noodles which was just okay. I did some research and there was this kuey chap in Chinatown which is very famous. We did went there and queue, but it was too long so we didn't manage to try it. We did however taste a very nice pad thai(photo above) near that kuey chap stall. Fried dough is also famous there! It was served with kaya, and I gotta say, the fragrance of the kaya was SO GOOD. The stall is located at the very front of Chinatown street. Highly recommended! I very much like the whole atmosphere in Chinatown because there are a lot of food stalls to choose from. It is actually famous for it's seafood but we didn't try either because of the long queue. My advice is to just slowly walk along the streets, who knows what yummy food you'll find at each turn you make!

That's all for Day 1 in Bangkok. Hope you find this post useful!


Feb 10, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 - Year of the Cock

I am back to write again. Was being hiatus for quite some time since my holidays began. I am on a 3 week holiday break. It's my semester break + chinese new year holiday. We are now closing to the end of Chinese New Year. How time pass :/ I am one week away back to campus.

This year I was able to spend more time in KL instead of my hometown in Pahang. I was able to meet up with most of my friends, and also going to each other houses for bai nian. Manage to catch up with one another after some time. I personally like chatting with one another when we go for bai nian, seeing our friend's parents as well, all too familiar since we all have been friends since high school. It's not about the gamble or the angpaos you receive. Thou we all would definitely like to win some money and receive big angpaos. They act as a medium for everyone to communicate with one another. This year especially, my friends and I played "In Between". It is very very intense. You will know how intense it is if you played it.

All of us were screaming, bribing one another to bet higher lol, you can see both ends of a spectrum. Some were being devils - tempting to bet higher. Some were being angels - pulling the hand brake, not to bet anymore. It was really fun haha. Most frequent use word during gambling is "You either go big or go home". Damn it hahahaha.

For this Chinese New Year, my family and relatives have our reunion dinner at a restaurant. It wasn't like our usual reunion dinner where everyone will prepare dishes and we'll have dinner on a very big long table (total of 3 tables). Some of my uncles and aunts thought, we should have a rest during the reunion dinner. Preparing a reunion dinner for a big family is no easy job. Preparation can start as early as morning til dinner time. And after dinner, there will be much cleaning to do. So thus, we ended up having a more relaxing reunion dinner.

Typical restaurant reunion dinner
I however really loved all the preparation and cleaning up lol. Yes, there will be a lot of work to do. But it is the process that really counts and matter most. The preparation for dinner is long. Well, that means more time to bond for me. We all will help one another preparing the dishes, carrying the dishes to the table, filling up everyone's rice bowls, making sure everyone have their spoons and chopsticks. Then after dinner, the younger ones, usually us cousins will settle with all the cleaning since the uncle and aunts already did all the preparation and cooking. The cousins and I will distribute our jobs into soaping dishes, rinsing, wiping the dishes and cleaning up the table. It is really a lot of fun since everyone is doing it together.

Having that said, I am not unsatisfied la. I am just expressing my previous reunion dinner experience lol. We only dine out on reunion dinner. The other days were all home cooked food. Oh yay! :D

Home-cooked meals are always the best!

Had pan mee on day two.

It was so goooooood. The taste still lingers on my taste buds <3

It was only these recent years where the cousins will spend a day out together. It is one of the very fun moments during each Chinese New Year. Us cousins rarely meet up. We probably only meet up during this festive season. So that's only once a year! It is really nice to have them thou :)

Boys being boys lol. 

On a side note, did you come upon a post that was shared widely in facebook regarding our perspective on Chinese New Year? Every now and then, we often say "Eh this year's Chinese New Year not as festive as last year hor", "this year more quiet, less festive mood leh".

Screenshot from facebook.

Chinese New Year is always there. We celebrated it ever since young, sometimes it's not the lack of festive season feeling that deteriorates, it is probably our perspective on cny. I think the post had a good point. When we were young, we would like to buy new clothes and wear it on the first day of cny. But as we grow older, it is no longer necessary to get new clothes. And so as to young adults now who spend more time wishing cny on social medias. So it's our perspective on this festive season itself.

PS: My chinese isn't very good, so this what i understand from the post la lol. You guys who are better in chinese can understand it better than me. I also understand part of it only lol. So please mind my chinese abilities la!

I just think we should really just treasure the time spent with our family and relatives. We don't know how many Chinese New Year can we spend together and it's also a once a year celebration which gathers every family members. So just enjoy the moment lah! :)