Jan 19, 2017

so this turns out to be my first post in 2017

HELLO & a very Happy New Year 2017!

my new year wish came out so late. Pardon me for that as I have been occupied with a lot of studying due to my finals. I am currently having my finals. Only one paper left til we are free! So hang in there friends, freedom is so close!

Thought I took some time off to post a blog post which I have been longing to do.

To start things off, yesterday was a very very good day. How good?
Insanely good.

Because for 1. Biochem paper will be done.
but that also means, I have to suffer before it comes. I find Biochem tough because there were more lecture slides compare to the other subjects. It also was more challenging. There were sooooo many things to memorise. End of story.

- so this was me. Waking up superb early in the morning. Bathed. Had my breakfast. Off to the library. I was the first to arrived that that wtf. So I took a photo at how empty it looked. Peaceful.

2. it was a great day coz the moment I arrived back to my room....

- this happened.
I was literally hyperventilating. No joke. Jumping up and down. Screaming out of excitement. Shit was real. There I saw, my baby pup with a note written "Wear this to dinner", with a dress on the bottom. Immediately I knew, which dress this was. 

I had that moment. That moment, that you only see in the movies. Sht. Didn't know it occurred to me. My roommate recorded the whole situation when I found this lol. 

Thank you so much! It was my first time being really surprised by you hahaha.

3. so we had dinner. A very nice dinner with good conversations, good food. Good quality time.
- and to be exact. A 2-hour long dinner lol. How could you eat a dinner that long you wonder? It happens when you are having a really good quality dinner time. Conversations over the dinner table.
- sorry bout the presentation of the food. we were both ravenous.

4. matching look.
- hehe. Enough said.

5. another surprise on my table!!!
- i was having my nap after finishing Biochem. And the moment I woke up, I found this!!!
- the moment I saw, "Do you feel touched?" wtf. I already know who is the woman who gave me this. 
- Thank you so much for this early gift. The note that you gave me was so true. Definition of our friendship. I really like it. Much much lurffff.

Okay. so up til no5, it all happened yesterday. The ones after it all happens on different days. But they are the things I want to post about. 

6. another very very nice gift.
- this was a very very very lovely gift! I have been longing for a bracelet like this and you gave me as a gift for my birthday! I was jumping up and down when I received this as well lol.
- sometimes the smallest gifts are maybe what you are looking for. It was definitely what I was looking for. hehe.

7. a very happy friend who got something he really wanted
- my friend here. He was ecstatic. 100% super super happy because he got something he have been searching and staring and researching on for a very long time. HAHA.
- then he tries to convince us to buy it too. But no, I feel it is under use hahaha.

8. another very very happy, cheerful friend.
- Xinni turns 21! Wohoooo.
- She have always been a happy pill wherever she goes.
- my diet plan partner haha

9. Jia Xi turns 21!

- another January baby! Yeah!
- we took the exact same photo at the same place at the same date but different year. Exactly one year ago and one year after.

10. a visit from an old friend!
- he popped up out of nowhere when I was studying for Pathology.

11. same place, same people, same timing
- this was taken after Patho's paper.
- Yan Jin was saying that I wore the same shirt when we were walking here last year after exam
- Then I say why not we just snap a photo. And we did.
- but this photo is lacking of a lot of people still

12. free birthday movie pass!!
- because both Xinni and I are born on the same month, we both got a pair of free movie tickets.
- so we asked another good old friend name Tzing Wen out for a nice movie.
- we watch The Railroad Tigers.
- This was after Pathology paper.
- the bf is also in the photo lol.

And that's all for now! Time to get sunken in my books again..... It wasn't my vision of how my first blog post for 2017 was going to be. But these are the things and people that made a great start of 2017. More post after my exam!

Count your blessings, even the littlest ones :)


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