Dec 8, 2016

Safe flight, sis!

Hey sis! Just want to wish you a safe flight later to the land of the rising sun! It's going to be a very long flight, 16 hours to be exact, if I'm not mistaken la.

I am very glad that you are able to experience what I had experienced previously. I went to Japan in 2013 after my SPM. And now in 2016, you are going there after 3 years, also right after your SPM. First of all want to congratulate you in finishing your SPM. What seems like a long 3 weeks of examination finally ended. And so fast that now you are boarding the airplane later.

Let me tell you that the aeroplane you are about to board is very big. The biggest transportation you'll ever see in 17 years of your life. Try to get some sleep on the plane, you'll need it. Thou I doubt you won't have  a problem of sleeping. Coz u can sleep so easily -.- Do wake up on time for the sunset thou! It is such a beautiful view from above the clouds.

Don't hesitate to ask help from the steward and stewardess on board. I even heard people requesting for beer on flight lol. Thou I'm not asking you to order la. If you are lucky, you'll be able to see very pretty and handsome thai air attendants! Wohoo. Keep your jacket with you so once the plane land, you can keep yourself warm.

The moment you step out of the plane, you can feel as if there are 10 air-cond surrounding you at high power. Do get excited of Japan's toilet system. The Bidet! Lol. And notice you can set your toilet bowl to warm so you wont get your butt cold. I'm not joking wei.

The difference between you and I is that you are the leader of your team for this trip. You are doing a very good job sis. Impress them with your charms and charisma! Go sis!

Coz we rarely take photos together. These are all the photos we took recently.

Wishing you a save flight and splendid journey! Go out there and explore!

Lots of love from your sister,