Nov 12, 2016

Bits & Pieces of the month

What a relieve after a long week. Mid sem just ended yesterday. Hooray! marks the end of a long strenuous week. It felt as if it's finals. No joke.

With that being said, I can finally sit nice and cozy in front of my laptop and blog! Here are bits of everything that have happened throughout the month.

written by YH when she don't feel like studying. We were at the library studying til she came over to my table and express how unwillingly she wanted to continue studying that night. So I dug out my stationaries and asked her to try lettering. And this was her first lettering!

this is one of my letterings. I am new into this. I have always love art. And when calligraphy and lettering came into social media platforms, I was immediately attracted. There is still much more room of improvement. 

Q: Why I love doing art?
I like how it can be my stress reliever. And seeing the finished product makes me really happy. Just today I did one for my parent's anniversary and mom loved it! 

a simple yet such loving note by the best friend. I like how she is always positive and easy going. During my exam week, she kept encouraging me in my studies. And I always love how we would discuss about studies, asking about each other opinions about a certain topic. now let's focus on getting fit together haha!

 impromptu adventurous dinner with xinni at a chicken chop stall opposite campus. Another point  why I like my best friend, she say let's go have some chicken chop. and I will say onz.
Why I mentioned 'adventurous' dinner? Because we walked on foot from our hostel until the chicken chop stall. We had to cross the main road in front of campus. Took approximately 30mins to walk there. And we left hostel at 630pm. Craving wins.

our first dosage form lab session! Where we prepared syrup mixtures. Year 2 is definitely more fun than year 1 because the things that we study are more related to our course already. Same goes to my dentistry and mbbs friends! Everything has gotten more interesting but at the same time hard. Let's work hard!

currently our favourite place to dine in with nice spotify playlist and food and environment. Pallet Cafe at Sungai Petani. This is my 3rd time there. Had lunch with yh and klm after our pathology paper because the next day we didn't have any exam until Friday. I was exhausted by the third day for continuously studying. So this meal was such a treat. Not to mention that day was Election Day! We were watching the counting of votes there haha.

Highly recommended cafe! Big portion. Reasonable prices.
The photo you see above is their Signature Chicken Chop. Another favourite is Maryland Chicken Chop.

kinda love to tie braid recently. Though you can't see it though this photo haha.


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