Oct 1, 2016


It is October already?!

Hello guys! I have been starting my new semester since early September, currently Year 2 Sem 1. I am senior now! Haha. I am currently in my 3rd week of lecture. The past 2 weeks has been packed. Like super packed.

To start things off, I didn't attend the first week of lecture. I went back to KL for Kuok Foundation interview with a few of my friends. It somehow became a 2days1night holiday for us lol. We spent our time walking around KL, hunting for nice food, and also shopping! It was also my first time taking ETS. ETS stands for Electric Train Service. It was a 4 hour journey from Sungai Petani to KL.

It was the first time the four of us went on a trip. And the four of us really clicked throughout the trip. Hooi Tian was someone whom I din't expect to be so funny LOL.

Then after the first week of lecture, week 2 was mostly occupied with Pharmacy Day rehearsals. We were having drama practice everyday and full rehearsals for officiating ceremony on Saturday (24th September). We held our junior's orientation day in conjunction with World Pharmacist's Day on 25th of September. The overall event was a success! Everyone's hard work pays off, I am glad and honoured to be able to join the board of members. Jigglypuff committee gogogo!

Drama Team!
Board of Committees

Yeah. So after week 2, everything is going back to its original pace. Organising this event together with the committee was a great experience for myself. For one, I never thought we could make a successful drama that was enjoyed by everyone. I think due to the fact that all of us enjoy our drama very much, this feeling that we have could be shared to the audience. Our drama was about high school times where we bring back good high school memories to the audiences. Reminiscing and appreciating the things and moments we had during those days. Great job everyone!

That's all for now. Til next time!



  1. Got video for drama? I'm excited for that!

    1. No eh :/ Im not sure if anyone did video it down. If got will give you! hehe


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