Oct 4, 2016

My first car accident encounter

I thought I should jot this down to remember how the situation was. It was a minor accident that occurred today. My friend and I borrowed car from a friend and while we were on our way to town from campus, we met an accident. It was at a 4 intersection, where the traffic light turned red. And so my friend who was driving stopped the vehicle and pulled the hand brake. Our car wasn’t moving at all. Then suddenly our car jolted to the front. My friend and I exchange looks, shocked at what had happened. Initially I thought my friend might have accidentally let go of her brake pedal, but no, she already pulled the hand brake. So we turned around and looked back. There was a huge lorry behind us that have bumped into us.

We were both stunned at the moment and didn't know what to react initially. Then I signal my friend to go down and check on our car situation first, to see how bad was it. I waited for a moment in the car because we have our belongings such as our purse and hand phones.

Note: When there is an accident, the first thing is to take care of your belongings. There are cases where passer-bys take the advantage to steal your belongings away. This was learned through my mom's experience where a kind lady reminded mom to take care of her bag despite there was a car accident. Getting off the car and to look at how bad our car has been knocked is our first reaction, but do not forget your belongings as well.

After that, I went down to look at the back of the car. We were able to see some paint scratched off, a proportion was dented and there were some cracks. But I saw no major damage. So I thought it was okay. And if the car was going for repair service, it would cost at least hundreds above. So my first step was getting his contact number, for further contact if necessary.

The lorry driver did ask us to just let it go. And based on the damage I see, I thought I should get a bit of money to repair the damage, mostly due to the fact it belongs to our friend that lent us the car. I was caught in a dilemma where I don't know if I should get some money from the lorry driver because based on what I see, he is an average lorry driver that might not earn much too. And I didn't want to burden him as well. So we did reach an agreement on the amount of money. Our conversation went well.

Probably one mistake that my friend and I could've done was to snap a pic of the lorry's car plate. And we should've take a photo of the damage there and then. It was my first time encountering a car accident. I was actually glad that I did listen to car accidents faced by my other friends previously. And through their experiences, I was able to did what I did today. Fairly, I think I did okay at handling this encounter. Mostly due to the fact both of us didn't blur-blur-know-nothing to do in such situation. And gladly it was just a minor one. No one got hurt nor anything had a major damaged.

Car accidents happens very frequently. Although we drive carefully, car accidents may happened due to other drivers. Thus, unexpected car accidents do happen.

I think this small encounter serves as a good experience. I actually felt a sense of accomplishment when this thing was settled. I got a small praise from my love one back at home at handling this situation. It might not be the best solution but this was what I was able to come out with in such a short time during the accident. That small gesture of praise actually made me felt good, that I wasn't going to make them worry, and that I have actually slowly grown to learn more about things out of syllabus. A small word of praise or gesture goes a long way and means a lot sometimes.



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