Aug 9, 2016

What I learn from my 6 year old sister



Where do I start? My last post was on July 28th. I have been wanting to publish a post, that explains why I have so many drafts left unpublished. At first I thought of blogging about my working experiences for the past few weeks. And now I am certain what am I going to blog about.

My sister, Apple Ong.

I've never truly blogged about her. For a brief intro, Apple is my youngest sister name. I am currently 20 this year, and she is 6. Which means we have a 14 year gap between us. Which also means, when I was 14 years old, during my form 2, my mom gave birth to the youngest member of our Ong family. All memories can still be remembered vividly in my mind. I remember the day mom was going into labour, I still had to attend my evening school session, anxiously to wait for the school bell to get back home. I even told my friends how I was getting another sister that day. Everyone told me why didn't I just skip school haha.
Dad and my second sister went there first to see mom at the hospital. Apple was born in the morning, 8am. Only the father was allowed to enter the baby room. The nurse would point which one was Apple among all the other babies.

Only until the 2nd day of her birth into this world was I able to meet her for the first time. She was so tiny! At just 2kg+. She fought with some sort of growth in mom's womb to get nourishment, It didn't cause much complications but thankfully mom and Apple was safe.

For one, my sister is a bit slow at talking. She did improve tremendously in her talking and reading. She is a very giving little girl thou today she quickly gobble up her ice-cream when I asked her for some -.-

Apple often ask, "Are you okay?". For example if we fall down she would ask that. Or when she see anyone crying, she also will ask that. And after that, she would say, "It's okay da jie". Apple appears to be the person we often seek comfort from. She is still so young and she is happy about almost eveything in the world. We on the other hand grow up, things seem more complicated now. At times we seek for comfort, we tend to hug her and she would patt us back.

Just these 2 days, my skin allergy came back again. This time is one of the worse allergy that I had because my allergy usually only spreads to my fingers. But it spreads even to my palm this time around. So I showed Apple my hands, saying, "See da jie hands. Allergy". I was explaining to her that this is called allergy. She took a long look at it and was curious to touch. I said, "Da jie hands rough rough oh, do u still want to hold hands?". Without hesitation, she held into my hands. Just a burst of overwhelm-ness pass through me. Yes, she could just be a little girl that didn't even know about the allergy I was having. She portrayed what that has been lacking in the society today. No judgement.  

Now and then, I have always felt shy regarding the hand allergy that I have. My hands aren't smooth. It has lumps on it. I was very much afraid to tell my friends that I have this skin allergy during my primary and high school times. Whenever I got affected with it, I would clasp my hands tightly so no one could see it. Because I was afraid my friends will turn down on me and wouldn't be friends with me anymore. (true though ) PS: Thank you to you guys, you know who you are, who didn't unfriended me even after you saw this side of me 

Sorry abit off topic. Yeah, but you see what I am trying to convey. For little young kids, they are just genuinely happy and gets excited over simple things in life, they don't think much. They do things that they love. If they are happy, they are happy. If they are sad, they show it. There are some values from kids that we grown ups can learn from. It is all part of the learning process. How kids can learn from us and what we can learn from them too.
Things would only get more complicated, work would only get more, life would get busier. But once awhile it's good to lay everything down, and just summon your inner kid within. Where there is not a single worry in the world.

And for this, I thank my 6 year old sister to make me realize things that I never did :)

Love you lots, your eldest sister,
Priscilla Ong

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