Aug 14, 2016

Fluffed and Pokemon GO

Alice in the Wonderland

Pooh Bear

Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar

And finally, waffles cravings satisfied! Fluffed is known for its waffles. My friends and I tried Pooh Bear and Alice in the Wonderland. I personally love Pooh Bear. It was a taste that could be accepted widely, with honeycombs, banana, strawberries and blueberries on top. For Alice in the Wonderland, the ice cream tasted different. Unlike any other ice-cream flavours I've tasted. My friend guessed lavender? Nevertheless it was good too, but I would go again and again for Pooh Bear. One thing about Fluffed, their waffles are crispy. It had everything I wanted in a waffle: soft in the inside, just that right amount of crisp, and the aroma of waffles... Cravings definitely satisfied.

That night as well, I saw Pokemon GO for the first time. I didn't download the game. So I hadn't see the game myself until I saw my friend asked me to help her play while she drive lol. Good gesture by the way because it's not good to drive and play yknw. Basically, there are pokestops where you collect items such as fruits, pokeballs. then there's gyms where you can versus the person there to take over the gym. Then there's pokemons for you to catch. Of course you can also evolve and incubate and all. I am not going further on that.

So I know Pokemon GO went viral firstly in the US. Then Malaysia was hoping for it to be launch in the country. And it finally did. They say there is this Pokemon Craze. I never believe it until I witness it with my own eyes. My friends and I were dropping by Dataran Sunway area to catch some pokemons, and there it was, I saw a bunch of people standing there in groups, looking at their phone, catching pokemons. The Pokemon Craze is real! We were wtf-ing the moment we saw it. Wtf.
People actually really took the initiative to go out of their house and go Pokemon hunting. I see people making trips to KL City center to catch pokemons.

The other day, my friend and I went to DesaPark City where it is known to have a lot of pokemons. You see, there are different  types of pokemons in different areas. So in order to fill up your pokedex, you have to go to different areas to catch those different pokemons that you never have. You can't only play it at home because it is limited. Shopping malls are great places to capture. So back to DesaPark City, supposed this is a very beautiful park with a nice lake view for outdoor activities like jogging or cycling. That was supposed to be the activity. But the moment we arrived, as expected, people were catching pokemon early in the morning. My friend told me there weren't that much of a crowd in the weekends but the crowd that we saw was really big. The pokemon craze is real!

I find it amusing to look at people play Pokemon GO. They are very into it, and they play it very often and gets very excited when they get to capture a pokemon or found a new pokemon, or even wins a tournament. It's fun, truly. I don't play it myself because, I don't know, I'm not really of a game type of people. I often play games for just a very short period. Even my phone do not have any games in it. Well that's me. But I was tempted to play it because I could catch a pokemon with one finger lol (says my friend) and it was really a good game, reason why almost everyone is playing it. In a way, this game is very good for those group of people who always stays at home. Take for example my another friend who is playing, he says he haven't been out of house as often as he did years ago wtf. He is a home guy.. But also there are issues where people play and drive, which could be a problem. If nothing happens, it's okay la. But when things happens...uh-uh not good.

That's all from me. Happy catching Pokemons!


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