Jul 2, 2016

Neighbourhood Mini Adventure

Hi guys!

Today have been quite an indifferent day, unlike any normal days I would usually spend most of my time on the internet and probably doing elder sister's duties such as driving my siblings in and out, for example, sending them to school, sending them to tuition and then pick them up later or sometimes even sending my mom to work and on top of that doing house chores.
I have this perception: I am not often at home, probably just come back few times a year, so when I'm home I will help out as much as I can to lessen everyone's burden.

So back to topic! Tonight we were suppose to go out for dinner because it's the weekends, mom and dad often work very late in additional it's the festive season, Hari Raya, so they will be more busy than usual thus they wouldn't be able to cook dinner. And then I had an idea, why not I cook dinner instead?
Instead of driving to my neighbourhood grocery stall, I decided to cycle. But turns out the bike was out of air so I pushed the bike to a workshop to get it filled first. The grocery stall was just next to the workshop, so I went in to get my list of ingredients and then made a phone call to mom to tell her I'll be cooking dinner.

The same road when I drove and walked gave a totally different vibe. You tend to take notice of the smaller details around the road instead of usually just driving pass it. It also made me reminisce my childhood days where I often cycle around the neighbourhood, I even remember the curve where I once fell down which got me a scar on my knee that is still visible until today, and also a kind uncle who lend me a hand.

Years have passed throughout the years. I am still in the same neighbourhood, yet it gives a different touch to me every now and then, especially when I return home. The kids whom I see crossing roads to get home after school...I was once like that too, a high schooler anxiously walking back home curious of what's on the table for lunch haha. I see the bus stop. I look back on those days when my friends and I ran to the bus stop when we saw the bus approaching. The bus was our sole transport provider to get us to the shopping malls. Those days were fun! How times has passed and now we passed the second half of year 2016.

My primary school.

Bibimbap for dinner!

After all that saying, not a bad day I had huh!
And not to mention, from the items I bought, it cost me only RM5 excluding the rice and egg. A dinner for 4 below RM10?! Where to get you tell me?! Especially given that we are staying in KL, eating out is very costly. 

How was your day? Why not spice it up by trying something different from your daily routine? :D


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