Jul 28, 2016

My Primary School Friend

As some saying goes,

"People come and go"

But not this friend. Seri have been a friend of mine ever since primary school. We knew each other when we were 10 years old, which was primary four but only until we were in primary five that we've became the best of friends. She was a newly transferred student to the school that I was in. I came into knowing her during Award Giving Ceremony (Anugerah Cemerlang), where I remembered I leaned on the door and said Hi to her for the first time.

We go long back to the days where after school, we both go home to our respective houses and then after I take my shower and lunch, I will cycle to her house which is in another taman. And I did that for almost 300 days out of 365 days in a year LOL. True story. Literally almost everyday. Yet I never get tired of going to her house. Neither did she. She would walk all the way to my house and never break a sweat. I go to her house that often til my digimon reached level 38 wtf (both of us play PS3 together that time). We shared common interest such as reading manga and drawing. I have a pet cat and so does she. She would be happier to see my cat than me when she comes to my house lol.

We did entered the same high school together and got into the same class. But after a few months, she went to Maktab while I remained. She then no longer live in the neighbourhood while I still live in the same neighbourhood. However so, the both of us still make time for each other. We will meet up during holidays.

Today we met again. We actually met yesterday to catch up on each other. We spent the whole evening til night together. Never ending conversations. At first we had Milo and some nice kek lapis at my house. Then we thought of getting McDonald's new Hershey's ice-cream but only to be turn down due to its unavalibility. So we ended up in another cafe, sipping on milkshakes and continued chatting.

Seri and I rarely meet up. I would say probably twice a year. And rarely do we chat too. But whenever we meet, we wouldn't keep our mouth shut. I really had a great catch up with her these two days. Today we met up again and we walked around the neighbourhood, pointing at things that were so familiar to us, reminiscing on our primary school days. We would be excited when we hear ice-cream motors, and chase after it with our bikes when we missed the ice-cream uncle for the first time. This evening we were looking for ice-cream as thou we were 11 years old, but wearing clothes that were for a university presentation.

It was a mixture of feelings when we look back at how long we've been friends. It has been 9 years of friendship, almost a decade (since we didn't count primary four). I am truly grateful, sincerely from my heart, for the friendship that we have. We were 11 years old when we became best friends, and now we are like, what? 20 years old already? Time really flies. But you were still the same Malay best friend I met 9 years ago. And I am still the same Chinese friend you met 9 years ago.

Til then, see you again soon Seri!

Priscilla Ong.

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