Jul 26, 2016

Hatyai in July with Family

6th July - 8th July

Our family embarked on our very first trip together as a family of five. Our first overseas trip. More like over-the-border of Malaysia trip lol. After hearing so many people around me going to Hatyai, we finally stepped into the land of Thai. Hatyai is consider a destination that most Malaysian will go for a short getaway, especially for its food and a good shopping spree. But as much as many have told me, Bangkok will be a better place for shopping and food.

We were however very excited to go to Hatyai! The currency exchange was approx RM1 to 8.60 Thai Baht when we went there. When I asked my friends should we learn some Thai language to communicate better there, they would say, just speak Hokkien and Mandarin to them. To my surprise, we did really communicate in Hokkien most of the time! Which results in a better understanding and communication in Hokkien for me oh yeah! 

To me Hatyai was like, a town full of Malaysians lol. We went there during Raya season, so the whole place was packed! Like really packed. Everywhere we go is crowded. I find Hatyai food very susceptible to our taste buds. Remember to buy their coconut ice-cream! It cost like 50 Thai Baht, which is really cheap if you compare it to Sangkaya coconut ice-cream. It's way too expensive in Malaysia. Sigh. And when you go for a shopping spree, you should always bargain bargain and bargain. You could really get a good buy by negotiating the price.

And then there was the "tuk tuk", which is somewhat similar to what we call in Malaysia the "beca". I don't know why I was very happy to get on a "tuk tuk" hehehehe. Probably it was after we went to the big market, it was a scorching hot day, and our legs were sore after all the walking.

A trip to Hatyai is not complete with a massage. As you along the streets, you can see plenty of massage centers. Most people go for foot massages after a long day of shopping. I never been to any massages before. So it was virgin visit to the massage center. I tried the oil massage. And you were actually required to naked, which I didn't know! o.o And from my own experience, I find it more painful than relaxing wtf. And some parts was ticklish which almost made me laugh in the very quiet environment wtf again. So there goes my virgin attempt to get a massage mehh.

I'll just let the photos do the talking!

Near Hatyai big market.
On the way to Malaysia-Thailand border.
At the immigration.
At the big market.
In a "tuk tuk"!
Coconut ice-cream! 
Blizzard. We bought this at random and turns out to be one of the best ice-cream we tasted! omg.
Family <3

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