Jun 29, 2016

End of Year 1 out of 4

From 08/2015 - 06/2016

I have completed Year 1! Two semesters per year. It has been a year of fun and laughter. From foundation friends, moving into degree together, on top of that knowing new friends, group mates, slowly knowing everyone out of the 100 people in Year 1 Pharmacy. I can't wait for 3 more years with all of you. Hope to snap more photos to be kept as memories.

First year of degree has been nothing but fun and all smiles. Yes, exam was tough. But the fun and happy times overpowered the tough times. During study week, you have friends to joke around with when you are stressed, when you use your brain too much and you get hungry, we all go for tea time together and promise not to bring notes along LOL. Seniors told us Year 1 is honeymoon year. So we all really did had our own fair share of fun. I was lucky to have work alongside with my assistant and treasurer during my second semester. Both very very responsible people. I have really cool group mates whom I will be having lab sessions together for the next 3 years. Upcoming Year 2, we will be involving in many more events, hopefully I can get to know more of you guys! Batch 11 go go go :D

And last but not least, Gang! University life is so much fun with all you! Looking forward for more trips and laughing moments with you guys!