May 30, 2016

Status Update


2 weeks til finals. 4 weeks til end of the semester. 4 weeks til year 1 of degree studies ends. 5 weeks til I return home.
Shall I go travel in that 5 days? I probably should. Time for some wanderlust research!

Life has been great. Good food. Good work out. Great companion.

It was a rainy day, a very good weather to sleep. Did slip some time for my studies too.

This week is the last week of lecture already.
So the following week will be my study week.
Time flies! I'm finishing my year 1 soon!

12:31AM now. Time to sleep.
7 hours left to sleep. Based on research, we should get at least 8 hours sleep.
All this will cause sleep deficit. Hmm...
Previous night I had 9 hours of sleep thou heh.
Okay goodnight!

Last but not least, let me introduce to you the best comfort food:


okay no, I still love spaghetti the most <3
oh wait no, potatoes!! <3


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