May 30, 2016

Status Update


2 weeks til finals. 4 weeks til end of the semester. 4 weeks til year 1 of degree studies ends. 5 weeks til I return home.
Shall I go travel in that 5 days? I probably should. Time for some wanderlust research!

Life has been great. Good food. Good work out. Great companion.

It was a rainy day, a very good weather to sleep. Did slip some time for my studies too.

This week is the last week of lecture already.
So the following week will be my study week.
Time flies! I'm finishing my year 1 soon!

12:31AM now. Time to sleep.
7 hours left to sleep. Based on research, we should get at least 8 hours sleep.
All this will cause sleep deficit. Hmm...
Previous night I had 9 hours of sleep thou heh.
Okay goodnight!

Last but not least, let me introduce to you the best comfort food:


okay no, I still love spaghetti the most <3
oh wait no, potatoes!! <3


May 7, 2016

Impromptu Penang Shopping

You know it only takes a simple answer to go on a spontaneous trip. And for that, the answer is 
"Yes, let's go".

Xinni and I have been itching to go shopping ever since we returned to SP so that was what we did haha. A batch mate of hers kindly gave us a lift to Butterworth Jetty. It took about 40mins from SP to Butterworth. From there we took the ferry at RM1.20 to Penang Island. And then we took Rapid Penang 307 to Queensbay Mall which cost RM2.00. We shopped from 4pm onwards til 8pm. And it wasn't enough lol. Girls being girls. Shopping is quite tiring too thou! I think is due to the fact I woke up at 7am that morning because I have lab session that morning. Mehh.

In between of our shopping, we suddenly got so hungry. So we went to the food court at the highest floor. Note: Do try the pan mee shop there. It's pretty good. After recharging our energy, we went for round 2 of shopping lol. There was actually numerous sales going on when we were there. We were in luck.

After reading up til here, you might think that I bought lots of stuff huh. But I only bought a sports bra lol. It serves for a very good purpose thou! Purpose: To exercise more. Hehehehe, geng mou.

Both of us actually boarded the bus to Jetty by 8.15pm. But then we contemplated, we will miss the 9.00pm transnasional bus. But there will still be the 11pm train. So there we was, in rapid penang, deciding if we should drop by H&M at Prangin Mall. The bus stopped directly at the door steps of H&M. And it just took a 2 second decision to step off the bus and into H&M. LOL. Omg. Really mad yolo( You Only Live Once). So we really went in and shop for the 3rd round but bought nothing. By the time we want to take the bus to jetty, It rained so heavily and we didn't have any umbrella with us, so we were drenched wet when we got on the bus.

By the time we arrive at Butterworth Jetty, it was 10pm. And the last bus to SP was 10pm too! We did prepare another option, which is to take the train back to SP. We arrived 5 minutes late. So we missed both our train and bus to SP! Xinni and I were running to and fro from the bus station and train station just to catch our bus but sadly we missed both of it! But luckily there was still a 11pm train. Thank goodness! We were quite excited to take the train because it was our first time taking it.
Then it was time to arrange our transport from the train station back to campus. We called a student cab, and it charge us an extra midnight fees because we will be arriving at 12am in SP. It was too expensive for us. So we end up, calling KLM's bestest friend hahaha! Thank you so much you two :D
感恩 感谢!!!

Such a yolo trip omg. Cheers to that! Haha!


May 4, 2016


There are times where I don't feel like myself. Where I am lost. I lose my sense of purpose. Asking questions such as: Why am I here? Why am I doing? What should I be doing? Why don't I do that? Why should I be like that and not the other way?
Too many questions. All unknown answers. But I guess that is just how things is at times. Maybe there shouldn't be answers to the questions. Some answers are best unanswered. But what I can do is to talk to someone about it. For that, I am very grateful to my friend, my best buddy for lending an ear when I need it. And also words of advice that I need. Sometimes you just need somebody to reassure that everything is going to be fine and that it is a normal thing. Assurance. It impacts someone's confidence and sheds light to a blurry road. Thanks for being there for me. Please know that I will be there for you whenever you need me too.