Apr 22, 2016

My Rusted Japanese

Recently the Southern part of Japan has been experiencing numerous earthquake from time to time. When my friend informed me regarding this matter, I immediately contacted my Japanese host family. All 3 of them. They are at the northern part of Kyushu island. From the news, Kumamoto experience the worst. Some of my friend's host family are in Kumamoto. I just hope that everyone is fine.

All 3 of my host family said they were okay. よかった! They did feel the house shaking periodically. I don't know how must it felt because they never had an earthquake before, so to suddenly experiencing this could be quite terrifying. I would've been terrified too.

I just called them through fb, just few minutes ago. With Ota's family. A small family of four, consisting of Mr and Mrs Ota and their two young kids. The moment we called, immediately every bit and ounce of Japanese within me resurfaces lol. It has been too too too long since I communicated in Japanese. Luckily Kaori-san's English was good, so our communication was made easier haha. She would speak more English while I would try to speak more Japanese. I should really brush up on my Japanese again (I say this all the time don't I?). My laptop was on, so I opened google translate. So while I was talking to them, when I can't think of the Japanese word that I wanted to say, I immediately google translate it. My Japanese life saver lol.

I'm really looking forward to visit them again in Kusu town but for the time being it is not suitable to travel to Japan as the air tickets is so expensive -.- なんでよ~

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