Mar 24, 2016

Wisdom Tooth

Hi guys!

On Friday (18th of March), I had a dental appointment to extract my wisdom tooth! Beforehand, I went to AIMST dental clinic to book a date to pull out my wisdom tooth. So I went to the reception and told them regarding my wisdom tooth. If you are a first timer, they will first ask you fill up a form to register. I've been to the dental clinic several times so I have my record file there.

First of all, the dentist did a check up for me. Occasionally, I will feel pain at my right lower jaw. After the quick check up, I was told to go for an x-ray. The x-ray was then sent to the dentist for further consultation.

So as you can see, my wisdom tooth is very obvious. The dentist told me that I had 3 wisdom tooth surfacing. In some cases, there isn't any need to extract your wisdom tooth but in my case, I was experiencing some pain and I was said that because my wisdom tooth was very horizontally placed, it will affect the arrangement of my teeth. So it was advisable to extract it.

On the 18th of March, I went to get my wisdom tooth extract. I was glad that I went there with my friend. The both of us was on the 9am appointment. However so, she went it first and I had to wait for her oral surgery to be done only I could go in. It took almost 1 hour for the oral surgery to be done.

When it was my turn, I went in. The first thing they asked is which part do I experience the pain. So I said my lower right jaw. So they will do the extraction of tooth there. You will first receive an injection of anesthetic. It is done so that your jaw will feel numb and so you will not experience any pain throughout the oral surgery. If you are afraid of injection, honestly it wasn't as painful and scary as I thought. Initially I was terrified of the idea having an injection at my gums, but to my surprise it wasn't that painful! Towards the end of the oral surgery was even painful T.T I will tell you why later on.

It is a bit terrifying however, seeing the syringe going into my mouth for injection. Embrace yourself kay.

Oh by the way, my oral surgery was done by the dental students of AIMST. In between of the surgery, the lecturer will step in to help out. You might feel scare or insecure to let the students to conduct your surgery, but based on my experience you should be glad lol. Why do I say so? I find the lecturers abit too rough during the surgery compared to the students. The students are more gentle and soft because it's something new to them, and they are afraid if they might hurt us. But lecturers are experienced already, they've done it alot of times, so they do things quicker. Students would definitely be a bit slower but at least I like that they are being gentle with my mouth.

For my case, my wisdom tooth was drilled into a few pieces because it was harder to extract the whole wisdom tooth. They had to break it into pieces and extract it one by one. The drilling part was quite intimidating because you could hear the sound and even smell something burning? wth. So that was the scary part for me T.T The surgery ended by stitching my wounds. I had a total of 3 stitches at my gums. And I have to return to the dental clinic later on this week to remove the stitch. During the stitching part, the lecturer done a better job at it.

What do you do after your wisdom tooth oral surgery?
I was told to not take any spicy or hot food as it might cause your stitches to open. It is very much advisable to take cold food such as ice-cream. But only on the first day itself, Take your meal at least after 45 minutes after your surgery. You can gargle with salt water to disinfect. Brush your teeth gently, careful to not brush on the stitches. Having your wisdom tooth extracted might cause some swelling. My face swelled. And it was quite a big swell. Apparently, my immune system wasn't that strong, so I had the large swell for almost a week where as my friend only had it for 2 days. I revisit the dentist to ask why was my swelling a bit hard. My swelling was at my lower jaw, and when touched, it felt like a rock. The dentist told me it was due to blood clot, and there is a high chances of infection so he prescribed antibiotics for me and advised me to put hot pack on my swelling to allow blood circulation.

When you finished your surgery, the anesthetic effect was till there. The moment it wears off, you could slowly feel the pain sunking in. I was given pain killers in case the pain was bearable. But if you can resist the pain, you better not take it unless you really couldn't stand it.

What did I eat?
My first meal was oat. Very diluted oat. Followed by ice-cream! Such a relieve to have ice-cream as it really soothes the pain away. Then I had mash potato and also coleslaw. I also had porridge.

Scramble eggs with tomato, onion and carrot.

Quaker Instant Multigrain Porridge!

I added mushroom to the the multigrain porridge.

Up until the 3rd day, I started to take more solid food such as noodle. The reasons I find it hard to eat was because of my swelling, it restricts my mouth opening. I had to cut the food into smaller pieces, then only I could eat. So that's why I optioned more liquid or semi-solid food instead.

Oh by the way, did you know that I extracted my wisdom tooth for free? All students in AIMST are entitled for free dental check-ups, including scaling, filling and extraction of wisdom tooth. So do make use of the services provided to us AIMST students! Even a friend of mine who had a tooth tragedy, her tooth fell out due to an accident, she did crowning in AIMST dental clinic. And guess how much it costed her? FREE. You could easily pay at least a thousand ringgit plus for any other dental clinics. For the extraction of wisdom tooth, a friend of mine did it for RM1000 in KL, and at least RM500 in other places. The money I saved on my oral health (Y).


Mar 5, 2016



For these past two days I have been volunteering myself in a backpacker's studio. Let me share how these two days have been for me.

It all started last November 2015, when I was Ipoh with my friends. We came to know that this backpacker studio accepts volunteers from different countries. This is how the volunteering works: You work for a minimum few hours in the studio and in return they provide you a couch or a bed for your accommodation. This usually requires a minimum of a week of your stay in order to volunteer. Some even volunteered for months.

I was very much fascinated by this whole concept so I gave it a shot by requesting to volunteer by corresponding with the owner of the studio. To my surprise they were glad to accept us as volunteers! I was aware of this volunteering job: you might not have the time to travel much when you are volunteering, most of the time spent will be in the studio. Because after all, you are partly working there for your free accommodation.

The first day was okay maybe because we arrived at the studio by late evening. There wasn't much work to do as well. New volunteers were given a short briefing about the whole job scope. It was pretty simple: Register new guest and keep the place clean. The second day however, it took its toll on me. I was almost bored to wits end. We were in the studio for a very long time as we have to wait for the arrival of guests that was informed by the host. Yes, I know I shouldn't be complaining because after all I am doing a volunteering work.

Here comes the best part of volunteering. The reason why I sign up for this volunteering job (apart from going on a budget trip) was because I'll get to meet so many types of people coming from different parts of the world. On the first day itself, welcoming our arrival was a guy from Bangladesh who is taking his Master program in Malaysia. He shared about his country. And I was in awe to travel to Bangladesh someday. 

Next was a guest from Hong Kong, Vinca. We shared many conversations together and even had dinner together. She is going on a 1 year backpacking trip. She going to get her law license after she's done with her backpacking. Then there was Mark who came from Scotland. He is a social worker. He travelled from the northern part of Asia and he's working his way to the south. Then we met Yuka Liya from Japan who is going to take her Masters in tourism. We shared dinner and even went for desserts together. Then there's Lea and Klara from Germany. Then Yumi who is from Japan as well. Klara has been to Nepal where she shared her experiences, of what was it like in Nepal and it just warms my heart to hear about her story.

I was able to learn a lot from the backpackers that came to the studio. Even for a night of stay, if you take the initiative to talk to them, you'll be able to listen to many amazing stories. You might not be capable financially to travel around the world, but if you take the chance to talk to them, it's as if you are on the journey with them by hearing to their stories and experiences that they've been through. You get to encounter different people with different background, people from all walks of life. Everyone have a story to tell. I might never been to Nepal or Bangladesh, but I am very much familiar with my own country Malaysia. I was able to share about my country delicacies and the must-go places to the backpackers and even help them get around Malaysia.

It is definitely a very good opportunity not to be missed. Thank you very much for having us.

Mar 3, 2016


Feeling physically and mentally exhausted. Racing time after time. Never ending schoolwork, all piled up. Tomorrow is yet another busy day. Whole day packed, from morning til night. What I'm looking forward is this weekend to catch my breath and rewind.


Mar 2, 2016

March '16

Somehow it felt like I haven't been eating out for a whole long week, but then my friend reminded me it was just Tuesday lol. But I did remember I survived not eating out for a week.

I gave in to my own cravings yesterday. This burger is too nice to resist la!  You know how you feel ravenous after a swim? Yeah that hunger.

In case you are curious where is this yummy looking food is located:
It is located opposite AIMST University campus, in Taman University.
The shop is call Tunie Burger. It's quite popular among us students nowadays. Anytime we could have a sudden craving for burgers, so just drive opposite of campus to grab a bite! A good option to escape from normal AIMST cafe food haha.