Feb 15, 2016

Yr1 Sem2

Hi guys!

Thought I should blog while I still could (I'll tell you why I say this later). I am back in Kedah for my new semester. I am pretty exhausted, thought of sleeping already but yeap, got some plans with the girls later hehehehe.
Touchdown Penang at 1120hrs today. As I exited my gate, I was walking for a few steps til I see a bunch of familiar people. It's my friends. Omg. Too fast too soon. Didn't even prepared to see them yet, not especially someone. It's because I just cut my hair. lolwtfiknw. It's just just  well, it's a tad bit too short than what I expect. But heck, dunwan to cut also cut already. Hair will grow. Hair will grow.

So yeah, I was a bit paiseh -.- So I shamelessly hit Angelo and went to the toilet lol. I was in a rush to go to the toilet also la -.- Anyways, then we immediately took our ride back to campus. Cleaned my room and went to settle my school fees. I was running up and down. But luckily I settled my stuff by today. And then when I reached my room, sweaty and all tired, look what greet me at my table!

The birthday card!!! Earrings! and and and the super nice 福 paper and mandarin orange! (not the banana cake or the mouse or the watch or the cookie hahaha)

It's just very very very heartwarming to find this on my table when I came back because I was so so tired. Awww thank you so much Nini  I love the present and card you gave me ^^

Oh yeah, and the reason why I said I should blog while I still could is because....
I think I will be very busy when the semester starts because there will be classes and then all thing everything la! and because maybe...due to a small factor....I am the class rep for semester 2  

It's quite a big task huh. Hopefully I won't let my class down beh!

That's all from me, have a good rest everyone!

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