Feb 21, 2016

Pantai Merdeka

All photo credits to Xin Ni! 

Hello guys!

I am done with the first week of lecture. The whole week has been quite redundant; you finished class, you go back to your room, you don't have homeworks, you surf the internet, watch movies.
Pretty lifeless, but I definitely enjoy this week because there isn't any homeworks oh yeah. Next week is going to be different though :/

Anyways, I was very keen on going out of campus. Like just want to go out for a drive or anything because it felt like I have been in my room for too long. Yesterday my friends and I went to Pantai Merdeka! It's quite surprising that Sungai Petani have a beach nearby. It took us almost an hour drive to Pantai Merdeka.

There many stalls at Pantai Merdeka, just like a pasar malam. There were also roller skates to rent from and bubble equipment and also kites to buy. We went there around 6pm, it was a good weather, windy and sunny. We were very excited when we rent the bubble making equipment! It cost RM4, and it comes with a stick and a bowl of soap solution. We were making bubbles and catching after it lol. Really really enjoyed it hehe.

What makes a great trip: The right people, the right mood, the right timing.
Place doesn't really matter when you are going to go with your friends. You could do the most craziest stuff when you are with your friends.
Looking forward for more weekends like this! :D


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