Feb 4, 2016

Just Rewind

Done a great catching up with Evie over brunch today. We had a good Breakfast Plate, Dirty Chai Latte for her and Chai Latte for me. You should get a taste of their Chai Latte if you happen to visit Rebellion @ Dataran Sunway. 

It has been, what, 2 years since we met?! My goodness. I think our last meet up was the celebration after our SPM results. There was the whole gang, hanging out in the heart of KL, stepped into Tous Les Jours and just wander around KL city. Yeap, that was the last meet up o.o

My bad too however because out of all the times I've been back in KL, haven't really contacted Evie. You see here, most of my high school friends has always been in KL, it was just only Yee and I who has left KL. Meh.
Been mentioning to meet each other since forever through instagram comments lol. Yeah, so we finally met up today! Really had a great catch up with her today.

Meet you up after 2-3 years again? Heh.

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