Feb 28, 2016

Genting Awana with Family

The two youngest one.

Hello guys, it has been 2 weeks since I left home for school. I will be entering my 3rd week of class tomorrow. The weather have been quite hot recently, which makes me miss the chilly cooling weather in Awana.

My family and I made a trip to Awana on Sunday (14th Feb), just a day before I returning to uni. It has been almost 10 years++ since I've been to Awana! All I could remember about Awana was the awesome slide at the swimming pool!!! Hahahaha. Honestly. I remember I was very young when  I last went to Awana, maybe 4-6years old? I was too short to even stand in the swimming pool, I need my cousins to help catch me when I slide down, if not I will drown o.o And I was a dare devil, I still go play the super steep slide eventhough I know I can't stand on my feet when I slide down. Maybe because I know there will be someone there to catch me ba?! Hhehehehe.

So I was very excited when we were going for an evening swim. To my disappointment, the slide was closed -.- Damnit. Why........... It was the most fun thing in the swimming pool la T.T
But it was nevertheless very nice too because the pool was warm. The surrounding was cold and chilly, so when you enter the pool, it was all warm and comfortable. And mostly due to the fact, I had a very nice time with my cousins :)

I was lucky enough to be acceptably healthy to have fun with them that day because I have been sick for 3 days consecutively. Fml. Thus explains my face looking a tad bit pale in the photo.

More family outing like this please?


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