Feb 29, 2016

29th of Feb!

Happy Leap Year guys!

You know how leap year only occurs every 4 year once, so I thought hmm I might as well blog a little about my 29th Feb.

It so happens 29th Feb falls on a Monday, which is the day fully packed with classes from 8am-1pm straight and also continuing with another 2-3pm class. Yet so, no complaints from me because this morning I was awoke by a message by surprise!

Jeng jeng jeng...drum rolls... The moment I wake up, I somehow checked my phone and I saw a message! It is related to what will occur this weekend! *omg so excited!!!* honestly. So when I read it, immediately all the sleepiness wears off and I stood by my feet and get to bathe hahahaha.

Had nasi lemak with Xin Ni this morning and then head to class. Also today we've selected our batch tee and jersey! The votes were so close o.o So another task checked off the list.

Had some meetings with the seniors and also my groupmates. Too many assignments come rushing at the same time... Oh no... 

Today is also my first day back to work! I used to work at this small little cafe during my foundation time and after a very long break, I'm back. I forgot too many things though lol paiseh. Now I have juggle with my studies, assignments, class rep duties and also part time worker. Somehow being busy and productive makes me value the time I have more. 

Right after work at 6pm, I went straight to the swimming pool to go for a swim with the girls. Raced with Xin Ni using breastroke. She's fast weih. More motivation for me to improve on my swimming haha. Which also reminds me of my 2016 resolution: To swim better.

Not a bad day huh ;)


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