Feb 29, 2016

29th of Feb!

Happy Leap Year guys!

You know how leap year only occurs every 4 year once, so I thought hmm I might as well blog a little about my 29th Feb.

It so happens 29th Feb falls on a Monday, which is the day fully packed with classes from 8am-1pm straight and also continuing with another 2-3pm class. Yet so, no complaints from me because this morning I was awoke by a message by surprise!

Jeng jeng jeng...drum rolls... The moment I wake up, I somehow checked my phone and I saw a message! It is related to what will occur this weekend! *omg so excited!!!* honestly. So when I read it, immediately all the sleepiness wears off and I stood by my feet and get to bathe hahahaha.

Had nasi lemak with Xin Ni this morning and then head to class. Also today we've selected our batch tee and jersey! The votes were so close o.o So another task checked off the list.

Had some meetings with the seniors and also my groupmates. Too many assignments come rushing at the same time... Oh no... 

Today is also my first day back to work! I used to work at this small little cafe during my foundation time and after a very long break, I'm back. I forgot too many things though lol paiseh. Now I have juggle with my studies, assignments, class rep duties and also part time worker. Somehow being busy and productive makes me value the time I have more. 

Right after work at 6pm, I went straight to the swimming pool to go for a swim with the girls. Raced with Xin Ni using breastroke. She's fast weih. More motivation for me to improve on my swimming haha. Which also reminds me of my 2016 resolution: To swim better.

Not a bad day huh ;)


Feb 28, 2016

Genting Awana with Family

The two youngest one.

Hello guys, it has been 2 weeks since I left home for school. I will be entering my 3rd week of class tomorrow. The weather have been quite hot recently, which makes me miss the chilly cooling weather in Awana.

My family and I made a trip to Awana on Sunday (14th Feb), just a day before I returning to uni. It has been almost 10 years++ since I've been to Awana! All I could remember about Awana was the awesome slide at the swimming pool!!! Hahahaha. Honestly. I remember I was very young when  I last went to Awana, maybe 4-6years old? I was too short to even stand in the swimming pool, I need my cousins to help catch me when I slide down, if not I will drown o.o And I was a dare devil, I still go play the super steep slide eventhough I know I can't stand on my feet when I slide down. Maybe because I know there will be someone there to catch me ba?! Hhehehehe.

So I was very excited when we were going for an evening swim. To my disappointment, the slide was closed -.- Damnit. Why........... It was the most fun thing in the swimming pool la T.T
But it was nevertheless very nice too because the pool was warm. The surrounding was cold and chilly, so when you enter the pool, it was all warm and comfortable. And mostly due to the fact, I had a very nice time with my cousins :)

I was lucky enough to be acceptably healthy to have fun with them that day because I have been sick for 3 days consecutively. Fml. Thus explains my face looking a tad bit pale in the photo.

More family outing like this please?


Feb 21, 2016

Pantai Merdeka

All photo credits to Xin Ni! 

Hello guys!

I am done with the first week of lecture. The whole week has been quite redundant; you finished class, you go back to your room, you don't have homeworks, you surf the internet, watch movies.
Pretty lifeless, but I definitely enjoy this week because there isn't any homeworks oh yeah. Next week is going to be different though :/

Anyways, I was very keen on going out of campus. Like just want to go out for a drive or anything because it felt like I have been in my room for too long. Yesterday my friends and I went to Pantai Merdeka! It's quite surprising that Sungai Petani have a beach nearby. It took us almost an hour drive to Pantai Merdeka.

There many stalls at Pantai Merdeka, just like a pasar malam. There were also roller skates to rent from and bubble equipment and also kites to buy. We went there around 6pm, it was a good weather, windy and sunny. We were very excited when we rent the bubble making equipment! It cost RM4, and it comes with a stick and a bowl of soap solution. We were making bubbles and catching after it lol. Really really enjoyed it hehe.

What makes a great trip: The right people, the right mood, the right timing.
Place doesn't really matter when you are going to go with your friends. You could do the most craziest stuff when you are with your friends.
Looking forward for more weekends like this! :D


Feb 15, 2016

Yr1 Sem2

Hi guys!

Thought I should blog while I still could (I'll tell you why I say this later). I am back in Kedah for my new semester. I am pretty exhausted, thought of sleeping already but yeap, got some plans with the girls later hehehehe.
Touchdown Penang at 1120hrs today. As I exited my gate, I was walking for a few steps til I see a bunch of familiar people. It's my friends. Omg. Too fast too soon. Didn't even prepared to see them yet, not especially someone. It's because I just cut my hair. lolwtfiknw. It's just just  well, it's a tad bit too short than what I expect. But heck, dunwan to cut also cut already. Hair will grow. Hair will grow.

So yeah, I was a bit paiseh -.- So I shamelessly hit Angelo and went to the toilet lol. I was in a rush to go to the toilet also la -.- Anyways, then we immediately took our ride back to campus. Cleaned my room and went to settle my school fees. I was running up and down. But luckily I settled my stuff by today. And then when I reached my room, sweaty and all tired, look what greet me at my table!

The birthday card!!! Earrings! and and and the super nice 福 paper and mandarin orange! (not the banana cake or the mouse or the watch or the cookie hahaha)

It's just very very very heartwarming to find this on my table when I came back because I was so so tired. Awww thank you so much Nini  I love the present and card you gave me ^^

Oh yeah, and the reason why I said I should blog while I still could is because....
I think I will be very busy when the semester starts because there will be classes and then all thing everything la! and because maybe...due to a small factor....I am the class rep for semester 2  

It's quite a big task huh. Hopefully I won't let my class down beh!

That's all from me, have a good rest everyone!

Feb 4, 2016

Just Rewind

Done a great catching up with Evie over brunch today. We had a good Breakfast Plate, Dirty Chai Latte for her and Chai Latte for me. You should get a taste of their Chai Latte if you happen to visit Rebellion @ Dataran Sunway. 

It has been, what, 2 years since we met?! My goodness. I think our last meet up was the celebration after our SPM results. There was the whole gang, hanging out in the heart of KL, stepped into Tous Les Jours and just wander around KL city. Yeap, that was the last meet up o.o

My bad too however because out of all the times I've been back in KL, haven't really contacted Evie. You see here, most of my high school friends has always been in KL, it was just only Yee and I who has left KL. Meh.
Been mentioning to meet each other since forever through instagram comments lol. Yeah, so we finally met up today! Really had a great catch up with her today.

Meet you up after 2-3 years again? Heh.