Jan 17, 2016

January 2016.


First things first, welcome again to those who are reading haha because I've been hiatus for some time now, ever since my new year post. Before I start, *pops confetti * I've just finished my first semester for my year 1 degree. Examinations are over and hello to chillax holidays! That whole month of examination was really something, one month of prolonged examinations. Despite so, I was pleased with the arrangement of exam schedule, I had more time to study in between of subjects (but it also mean more time to steal some time to slack shh haha). What's done is done, so let's just enjoy the holiday shall we? 

This time around, it was my first time heading back home right away after exam ends. As in, I used return home a few days after so I had more time to pack and settle stuff or maybe go for a trip. But this time, I finished my test by 10.30am and return home by a 7.20pm flight. The feeling was great coz knowing that I will returning home so soon, on that day itself!! 

This time around as well, I am returning home with a companion :) My first time bringing a friend home with me was with Xin Ni, she came to KL for a day or two, so we took a flight home together. Usually I'll take the airplane by myself, so having a companion gives a different feel to the whole travelling situation. So this time is my second time taking a flight with a companion!

The evening view of Penang Island. Manage to catch the sunset through the window on the plane <3
PS: given that your companion gave you the window seat hehe 

So January,

Here's what I plan to do in this one month break;

blog more


make art


work out


Yeah, so far I could think of this three. Ooh yeah, and maybe finish some tv drama series 


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