Jan 19, 2016

Ipoh too

At Thean Chun for lunch.

Hello kawan! Finally continuing my Ipoh trip post which was on 28th-29th November 2015. Sorry for the delay hahaha. First post is here

So my friends and I were at Ipoh for a short weekend getaway. We met up with our good friend Jia Hui and Calist. Jia Hui was a local so she drove us around the town! 

After we checked in, we went for lunch at Thean Chun which had years of history for its Chicken Hor Fun. The place is crowded with hungry customers! You wouldn't miss it, it's easy to spot the place.

The famous Ipoh Hor Fun !
Besides Hor Fun, we also called satay. Most people would order the satay while they are waiting for their hor fun. Taste really good too! 

Next stop was Concubine Lane.

We girls like the mirror that makes us super thin hahaha.

5 girls 1 guy lol

And then we walk into another lane...

Super super love this place! It gives a very vintage rustic feel to the whole area, as if you enter a totally different place.

After that we were brought to a place that Jia Hui says, "有山有水". The place is call...

Sorry my chinese no good. I dont know how to read this place so I might as well post a photo of Yan Jin introducing this place hahaha.

Let me tell you, this place is full of sign boards?? Every board have different words and meaning so we all took turn and played around with it haha. This one means, "I am not aunty" lol.

"I'm just a bit heavy". Hahaha this is so cute.

Idk what this means but we all just take photo tgt haha and then you see Jia Hui's epic face! Why so funneh Jia Hui hahaha

After this place, we went to have some tea time. A famous lobak. Then straight head for dinner. Wow, I gotta say dinner at Ipoh, the queue is no kidding  You have to wait for at least an hour. We went to have Ipoh Chicken Rice, the famous one, Onn Kee & Lou Wong. Both full house! By the time everyone was hungry already. But not long after we found a table.

Most Ipoh people speaks cantonese so when we order food, they will speak cantonese. I'm pretty okay with Cantonese because I speak a little in KL. But my friends from Sarawak, they don't really speak cantonese. So one of the guy at the chicken rice shop was taking orders and he was speaking cantonese, when Siew Wen ordered, she talked in mandarin. The guy joked around with her and insist on her speaking cantonese hahaha. So cute.

We end the night by cycling around Ipoh town in search for desserts while singing around like siao kia lol. Jia Hui and Calist went home after they drop us at our hostel.

That's all for day 1. There's day 2 too. Til then, bye!


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