Jan 30, 2016

Hi guys!

We are exactly 7 days away from Chinese New Year! 新年要来咯!
I can't tell you how excited I am for Chinese New Year. I have always loved CNY because it's where you get to eat to your hearts content, you reunite with family members who are far away, and just indulge in this festive season :D

Of course before you celebrate CNY, you gotta shed some fats to allow more fats to enter right? lol. For that, I've been keeping my word and still keeping my goals straight: Being fit and healthy.
Just the other day, the girls and I went to the gym to workout. #friendshipgoals To be fit and healthy together! I think working out requires determination, perseverance and motivation.

There's ought to be a strive, a goal that you want to achieve, for example a weight loss goal or a size that you want to shrink down. It's this goal that keeps you going, to wanting the best for you, for a healthier you. But somehow you might deviate from your goals, so you need a push, a motivation. That could occur through you or by anyone. Personally, I want to be fit and healthy for my own self, to look better and lean. At the same time too, I sort of made a challenge with my friend, to really get slimmer after my one month holiday, to get that "Wow" factor when we meet. So this was part of my push, in addition there's a internet influencer which inspired me as well!
Lol but honestly I need a longer time to get that Wow factor, it requires more than a month to actually see real transformation. I don't request much, I just want to be slimmer for myself *peace*

Yeap, so we sort of text very often whenever we workout, and it really did motivate myself. You see, when someone can do a 2 minute 30 seconds plank, I would want to challenge and do better, however I'm still a minute behind lol. Baby steps yo.
I'll get there.
This also somehow defines a healthy relationship, yknw, to just motivate each other whether its workout or anything in life, and to lend a hand during any difficulties.

This relationship could be your family bond, your friendship or even your other half in life. Just like the other day, my friend faced a certain problem and she shared it with us. I was glad that we could at least help her a little even if it means by 0.01%, yknw, just a word of motivation or giving her some solutions. It is a healthy friendship relationship, to able to help out at times of jeopardy.

A healthy relationship is where we support one another during times of difficulties, where we could motivate each other to be a best version of ourselves, to improve ourself to be better in life, to endure hard times, to know that there will be someone there holding at the end of the rope.

It's not all times people have a healthy relationships. You can witness people crying their hearts out in the middle of the night, restless nights, feeling of unworthiness, feeling indespicable. You sort of lose yourself there. Instead of being your best, you tend to be the opposite. Never lose yourself, your vision, your beliefs due to anyone.

"Relationships are all about giving and receiving"

-Reyna Biddy-

So initially this post was supposed to be about Chinese New Year but it sort of deviated. Pardon me please haha. Sometimes the mind just thinks about another path and the fingers just followed and type it out lol. Til then, have a goodnight people.

PS: Do take care of yourself people! CNY is coming, you cannot falter to fall sick, you'll miss out on all the fun! Drink more water and rest well!



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