Jan 19, 2016


Day 1: Anatomy
Day 1: Anatomy
Day 2: Physiology
Day 4: Intro to Pharmacy
Day 4: Intro to Pharmacy

Hi! Okay I promise this is the last post regarding exams. 

Just wanted to share how pretty the view is in the morning! I will usually wake up around 5am or probably 6am during exam period. Main reason is because I haven't finish my revision -.- Waking up at 5am defines a more crucial subject lol, also known as 'the subject I'm not so okay with'. Waking up at 6am, would be subjects that are consider a lil more stable  Then I'll go for a light breakfast at the cafeteria. Day 2 was the subject that I'm most afraid of, and you know what, on that morning itself, I happen to lost my ID card  You need your ID card to enter the cafeteria and most importantly you need it for examinations. Luckily I traced back the place I walked before and found it. Guess where I found it, in my hostel living room  I guess it somehow flew when I was in a rush. Thank goodness...

All in all, the whole examination was consider okay I guess? Not gonna think about the results. Just please. dont. fail. That's all for this post!

PS: Loving the view in my campus, especially at dusk.


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