Jan 18, 2016

During one month of examinations...

Taken on the 1st of January 2016. Heading to lunch.

Thought I should share some photos throughout my study week month (but excluding Christmas photos. there'll be a separate post for that). For those who don't know, the above photo is the view of aimst cafeteria. My friends and I were heading for new year's lunch, wondering if there was any special on the menu. 

Had fried rice, fried egg, fried chicken, with vegetables and a nugget.

My definition of good cafe food would be this. And perhaps only this lol. And not to mention, they kindly gave us 4 dishes instead of 3 on that day, saying that it was new year's special. Not bad not bad.

New Year breakfast with the girls. Combination of all 3 hostels haha. The Bermuda Triangle.

During the period of studying, most of the time spent was in the library. I'll try to be up early and head to the library. Then around evening or so, I'll have tea time or supper, courtesy to someone 

So it initially started with this...

Supper at KFC (2015-12-25)

along with a small grocery shopping (my first dental floss lol)

And then there was...

Dinner at er jie when we picked up a friend from the bus station. (2015-12-26)
PS: their lobak is one of the best! and the chicken feet!

On that night itself as well,

Strawberries  (2015-12-26)
It was Boxing Day. Honestly didn't know what Boxing Day was until someone told me. It was really a very funny conversation up until I receive these strawberries at my hostel door steps! Haha.
Thank you 'santa' :)

And after all that, there was also...

 Evening pulut cendol at Semeling! (2015-12-31)

I remembered in between there was numerous trips to Poko-Poko and kopitiam. Haha, to those who might wonder, Poko-Poko is a cafe in my campus that serves nice waffles, brownies, ice-creams and drinks.

And then there was also (2016-01-02), if I'm not mistaken coz it was 2 days before Anatomy paper, we cooked up a simple dinner. Bread + fried eggs + sausage + mayo + chilli sauce  Simple yet very filling and yummy!

Wow that's a lot of food huh? Hahaha. Well...it all happens during study week because you tend to overuse your brain, so you'll need good food to fill your belly hahaha own logic.

Oh and not to forget...!

New Year's eve dinner with a big bunch of people. (2015-12-31)

Followed with star gazing and a little bit of this  (2015-12-31)
This is the way to celebrate the new year! Haha.

And lastly there's....

Our family reunion dinner (2016-01-01).
Lacking of our 'mom' though!

Quite a fulfilling study month I might say hahaha. Til then, next post!


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