Jan 1, 2016


Happy New Year to everyone who are reading this!

It is yet another new year to begin with. What are great about new years is that, it is the beginning of a new blank page. Anything that happens in the past should be forgive and forgotten. We start the new year with a new self, a new you.

How was 2015 been for me?
I would say it has been a very fruitful one. My 2015 started by spending New Year Eve in campus as well, so as to 2016’s. And yet again, it was my exam week so I’m going to be stuck in campus for my coming new year as well. Ever yet so, my 2015 has been full of experience. It must’ve been mostly good times for me instead of the bad ones because I don’t remember any bad experiences. It was more about learning and gaining valuable experiences.

For one, I had a long break, so I had some part time jobs where I learn more about pharmacy (the course I’m taking now). I went on my first trip to East Malaysia! At Miri! And Brunei as well :D

Family wise, the bond is stronger than ever. I think being the eldest daughter in the family plays a big role to my younger sisters. I’m glad that my sister have a glimpse of what future she wants to pursue soon. Thanks dad for always supporting me in anything I do and to have confidence in me. Thanks mom for the overflowing love. Thanks Esther for being Esther lol. Thanks Apple for being our bundle of joy. Dear family, hoping for a more healthier year okay? Let’s be fit! Haha.

Friends. Of all, thanks for those who stick it out until now. Honestly cherish the friendship that we have. I’m looking forward to more memories with you guys, be it friends from high school or uni, you are all a very awesome bunch! I hope I could be a better friend as you guys are to me.

How did I spend my new year this year?
Actually I should share about my last week of 2015 as it was pretty amazing. Ever since study break started, it was like the unleashed of all activities lol. As in, I went out more often for good food and spent more leisure time than studying wtf. Christmas was wonderful. I should blog about it after my finals! Then there was 3 mpu subject papers in between. So on the 30th, just to relax and rewind, I went on a date! ^^ Yes, a date. Wow. And on the 31st, I manage to do what I planned to do, which was studying followed by swimming and dinner and countdown :D First round was spend having a scrumptious dinner. Then continuing with some drinks by the lake and star gazing <3

The feeling of infinite as you gaze at the stars. 

What do I expect from 2016?
Hmm... I will be having the same resolutions for all the years until I really achieve it. For this I meant no.4 lol.

  1. To able to write more. To express more through writing.
  2. To read more.
  3. To travel to at least one country this year! (I plan on going to Japan?!)
  4. To be healthy and fit. (I need not to be thinner or lose pounds, I just want to be healthier and fit)
  5. To swim better and run better. (Planned on running my second marathon and to join another swimming competition)
  6. To love more. Family & friends.

What’s your new year resolution?

Love, Priscilla

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