Jan 31, 2016

Sisters Grocery Shopping

This happens when you send mom & dad off for some alone time and you were given grocery shopping duties, with your sisters. All geared up with our hoodies & jackets yo. Did real silly stuff when we go grocery shopping without mom & dad lol. Shouldn't the 20 year old eldest sister be the role model to her two sisters, instead she was having so much fun goofing around lol. I kennot la, I don't feel like 20, paiseh...

Great way to wrap up the month of January. Looking forward for February!

Cues: CNY CNY CNY <3

Jan 30, 2016

Hi guys!

We are exactly 7 days away from Chinese New Year! 新年要来咯!
I can't tell you how excited I am for Chinese New Year. I have always loved CNY because it's where you get to eat to your hearts content, you reunite with family members who are far away, and just indulge in this festive season :D

Of course before you celebrate CNY, you gotta shed some fats to allow more fats to enter right? lol. For that, I've been keeping my word and still keeping my goals straight: Being fit and healthy.
Just the other day, the girls and I went to the gym to workout. #friendshipgoals To be fit and healthy together! I think working out requires determination, perseverance and motivation.

There's ought to be a strive, a goal that you want to achieve, for example a weight loss goal or a size that you want to shrink down. It's this goal that keeps you going, to wanting the best for you, for a healthier you. But somehow you might deviate from your goals, so you need a push, a motivation. That could occur through you or by anyone. Personally, I want to be fit and healthy for my own self, to look better and lean. At the same time too, I sort of made a challenge with my friend, to really get slimmer after my one month holiday, to get that "Wow" factor when we meet. So this was part of my push, in addition there's a internet influencer which inspired me as well!
Lol but honestly I need a longer time to get that Wow factor, it requires more than a month to actually see real transformation. I don't request much, I just want to be slimmer for myself *peace*

Yeap, so we sort of text very often whenever we workout, and it really did motivate myself. You see, when someone can do a 2 minute 30 seconds plank, I would want to challenge and do better, however I'm still a minute behind lol. Baby steps yo.
I'll get there.
This also somehow defines a healthy relationship, yknw, to just motivate each other whether its workout or anything in life, and to lend a hand during any difficulties.

This relationship could be your family bond, your friendship or even your other half in life. Just like the other day, my friend faced a certain problem and she shared it with us. I was glad that we could at least help her a little even if it means by 0.01%, yknw, just a word of motivation or giving her some solutions. It is a healthy friendship relationship, to able to help out at times of jeopardy.

A healthy relationship is where we support one another during times of difficulties, where we could motivate each other to be a best version of ourselves, to improve ourself to be better in life, to endure hard times, to know that there will be someone there holding at the end of the rope.

It's not all times people have a healthy relationships. You can witness people crying their hearts out in the middle of the night, restless nights, feeling of unworthiness, feeling indespicable. You sort of lose yourself there. Instead of being your best, you tend to be the opposite. Never lose yourself, your vision, your beliefs due to anyone.

"Relationships are all about giving and receiving"

-Reyna Biddy-

So initially this post was supposed to be about Chinese New Year but it sort of deviated. Pardon me please haha. Sometimes the mind just thinks about another path and the fingers just followed and type it out lol. Til then, have a goodnight people.

PS: Do take care of yourself people! CNY is coming, you cannot falter to fall sick, you'll miss out on all the fun! Drink more water and rest well!


Jan 24, 2016


23rd of January 2016.

Ahem. Posting a super chio photo of me hahaha

Guess who just enter her twenties? Omg. I am 20 years old already. And yet, I don't feel like my own age again. Or I do? I wonder when people look at me will they think that I am 20, mature and all. Because when I was younger, when I look at people at their 19's or 20's, I would actually look at them in awe and think "Wow, people in their 19's and 20's looks different. They look mature. They seem to know a lot of things". Am I like that?

On this year's birthday, I emphasize on count your blessings. Always count your blessings. Appreciate what do you have and embrace for things that are yet to come. I am very grateful for having my family and friends, at any part of my life, it definitely feels good to have them around, to endure the good and bad times. Honestly, count your blessings. Be grateful for what do you have in life. Some might not have what do you have and you might have something that they don't have. So all I could say is count your blessings. (I'm sorry, you might here this word quite often now since it's gonna be my favourite word for now hahaha)

So......I've been living for 20 years. Wow, 20 years on earth. That's great news, yes? 

I am thankful for what that I have in the current.

For things that I wish and hope for, well, I will work my best for it. My friend bought me a piggy bank on my birthday. The story behind this gift, that time we were having a conversation about how if we want something we should just save money la, so if we could save at least RM1 a day, by the end of the year you'll have RM365. How good is that right! And so she really bought me a piggy bank for me to save my money to buy the things that I want haha. And what's even better, she bought the one that I cannot open at all, I'll have to crack it open to get the money, which means, money only goes in and not out! GOOD!

~  。~

On the 22nd, I had dinner with my girls + Lcd! We had dinner over great food and conversations. A lot of sarcasm seriously. Good close ones are like this huh? Haha. We also head for a movie after dinner. The 5th wave! Omg, so damn good maybe because most of the time my heart was beating non-stop, like gonna come out -.- No joke. After the movie we head home, it was quite a long way home due to the jam and traffic lights (that's what it felt like for me la), which gives us more time spent together in the car. My goodness, I've been countless-ly shot back by mouth by Lcd so many times due to my own sayings lol. And then there was a part where the girls and I were taking photos together and how we would just hold each other waist, and then the moment Ern touch my waist, she said "Omg the fats". Eff you Ern seriously -.- omg. I've been working out okay! And then there was a part where we saw so many men in military uniform guarding Publika. And Voon was being so 'cute', snapchatting. And in between we were saying how Yee wasn't here with us, so we left a hole for Yee in the picture. And we made it to a very dirty joke wtf. #friendshipgoals
At the strike of midnight, they sang happy birthday to me in the car :)

I don't know why but the whole feeling was very infinite. (infinite is also one of my favourite word lol)

~  。~

Right after our movie finished, I received a text mentioning about a blog post that he wrote, he also include a video of him playing the piano of a song he just learnt.  I got pretty excited to be honest. I thought it would be any ordinary post but it turns out to be a birthday post for me! I actually embrace myself with a flood of traditional chinese words but it was simplified chinese words and also there were just a few sentence of it. It was mostly written in English. Probably someone knew my chinese isn't that good lol.
I don't know how did he wrote all those words but I am glad he wrote it. It really meant something to me, really. 
谢了! :)

~  。~

The Ong family of mine was adorable. When I came home after Voon drop me off, dad immediately opened the door and sang happy birthday to me along with a hug and kiss. At that moment, my thoughts were "Thanks dad for 养到我这么大了". Hey it's actually no easy task to raise a child through the years yknow! There are so many sacrifices done by a parent to their child.
Then Essie text me photos of her beating my rank on Piano Tiles LOL. This girl, seriously!
When I saw mom, I was like "Hi Mom..." and I hug her and I kept waiting for that Happy Birthday. She just smiled at me and smilling. Then I look at her and then at the clock, it was 12:45am or so. Then she was like, "Oh oh ohhh!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAHAHA". Omg mom -.- 
Essie didn't even hug me meh. Instead we hit each other lol. #sisterlove

~  。~

Not to mention I received gifts from my friends at uni! It totally caught me by surprise! Coz I didn't expected anything from anyone at all and yet they gave me a card and a gift T.T 

I guess life gives you the best when you least expected.

I also received calls from my old friends, personal messages, blessings from family members too.

It is a very very very blessed 20th. Thank you all.


Jan 19, 2016

Ipoh too

At Thean Chun for lunch.

Hello kawan! Finally continuing my Ipoh trip post which was on 28th-29th November 2015. Sorry for the delay hahaha. First post is here

So my friends and I were at Ipoh for a short weekend getaway. We met up with our good friend Jia Hui and Calist. Jia Hui was a local so she drove us around the town! 

After we checked in, we went for lunch at Thean Chun which had years of history for its Chicken Hor Fun. The place is crowded with hungry customers! You wouldn't miss it, it's easy to spot the place.

The famous Ipoh Hor Fun !
Besides Hor Fun, we also called satay. Most people would order the satay while they are waiting for their hor fun. Taste really good too! 

Next stop was Concubine Lane.

We girls like the mirror that makes us super thin hahaha.

5 girls 1 guy lol

And then we walk into another lane...

Super super love this place! It gives a very vintage rustic feel to the whole area, as if you enter a totally different place.

After that we were brought to a place that Jia Hui says, "有山有水". The place is call...

Sorry my chinese no good. I dont know how to read this place so I might as well post a photo of Yan Jin introducing this place hahaha.

Let me tell you, this place is full of sign boards?? Every board have different words and meaning so we all took turn and played around with it haha. This one means, "I am not aunty" lol.

"I'm just a bit heavy". Hahaha this is so cute.

Idk what this means but we all just take photo tgt haha and then you see Jia Hui's epic face! Why so funneh Jia Hui hahaha

After this place, we went to have some tea time. A famous lobak. Then straight head for dinner. Wow, I gotta say dinner at Ipoh, the queue is no kidding  You have to wait for at least an hour. We went to have Ipoh Chicken Rice, the famous one, Onn Kee & Lou Wong. Both full house! By the time everyone was hungry already. But not long after we found a table.

Most Ipoh people speaks cantonese so when we order food, they will speak cantonese. I'm pretty okay with Cantonese because I speak a little in KL. But my friends from Sarawak, they don't really speak cantonese. So one of the guy at the chicken rice shop was taking orders and he was speaking cantonese, when Siew Wen ordered, she talked in mandarin. The guy joked around with her and insist on her speaking cantonese hahaha. So cute.

We end the night by cycling around Ipoh town in search for desserts while singing around like siao kia lol. Jia Hui and Calist went home after they drop us at our hostel.

That's all for day 1. There's day 2 too. Til then, bye!



Day 1: Anatomy
Day 1: Anatomy
Day 2: Physiology
Day 4: Intro to Pharmacy
Day 4: Intro to Pharmacy

Hi! Okay I promise this is the last post regarding exams. 

Just wanted to share how pretty the view is in the morning! I will usually wake up around 5am or probably 6am during exam period. Main reason is because I haven't finish my revision -.- Waking up at 5am defines a more crucial subject lol, also known as 'the subject I'm not so okay with'. Waking up at 6am, would be subjects that are consider a lil more stable  Then I'll go for a light breakfast at the cafeteria. Day 2 was the subject that I'm most afraid of, and you know what, on that morning itself, I happen to lost my ID card  You need your ID card to enter the cafeteria and most importantly you need it for examinations. Luckily I traced back the place I walked before and found it. Guess where I found it, in my hostel living room  I guess it somehow flew when I was in a rush. Thank goodness...

All in all, the whole examination was consider okay I guess? Not gonna think about the results. Just please. dont. fail. That's all for this post!

PS: Loving the view in my campus, especially at dusk.


Jan 18, 2016

During one month of examinations...

Taken on the 1st of January 2016. Heading to lunch.

Thought I should share some photos throughout my study week month (but excluding Christmas photos. there'll be a separate post for that). For those who don't know, the above photo is the view of aimst cafeteria. My friends and I were heading for new year's lunch, wondering if there was any special on the menu. 

Had fried rice, fried egg, fried chicken, with vegetables and a nugget.

My definition of good cafe food would be this. And perhaps only this lol. And not to mention, they kindly gave us 4 dishes instead of 3 on that day, saying that it was new year's special. Not bad not bad.

New Year breakfast with the girls. Combination of all 3 hostels haha. The Bermuda Triangle.

During the period of studying, most of the time spent was in the library. I'll try to be up early and head to the library. Then around evening or so, I'll have tea time or supper, courtesy to someone 

So it initially started with this...

Supper at KFC (2015-12-25)

along with a small grocery shopping (my first dental floss lol)

And then there was...

Dinner at er jie when we picked up a friend from the bus station. (2015-12-26)
PS: their lobak is one of the best! and the chicken feet!

On that night itself as well,

Strawberries  (2015-12-26)
It was Boxing Day. Honestly didn't know what Boxing Day was until someone told me. It was really a very funny conversation up until I receive these strawberries at my hostel door steps! Haha.
Thank you 'santa' :)

And after all that, there was also...

 Evening pulut cendol at Semeling! (2015-12-31)

I remembered in between there was numerous trips to Poko-Poko and kopitiam. Haha, to those who might wonder, Poko-Poko is a cafe in my campus that serves nice waffles, brownies, ice-creams and drinks.

And then there was also (2016-01-02), if I'm not mistaken coz it was 2 days before Anatomy paper, we cooked up a simple dinner. Bread + fried eggs + sausage + mayo + chilli sauce  Simple yet very filling and yummy!

Wow that's a lot of food huh? Hahaha. Well...it all happens during study week because you tend to overuse your brain, so you'll need good food to fill your belly hahaha own logic.

Oh and not to forget...!

New Year's eve dinner with a big bunch of people. (2015-12-31)

Followed with star gazing and a little bit of this  (2015-12-31)
This is the way to celebrate the new year! Haha.

And lastly there's....

Our family reunion dinner (2016-01-01).
Lacking of our 'mom' though!

Quite a fulfilling study month I might say hahaha. Til then, next post!