Dec 8, 2016

Safe flight, sis!

Hey sis! Just want to wish you a safe flight later to the land of the rising sun! It's going to be a very long flight, 16 hours to be exact, if I'm not mistaken la.

I am very glad that you are able to experience what I had experienced previously. I went to Japan in 2013 after my SPM. And now in 2016, you are going there after 3 years, also right after your SPM. First of all want to congratulate you in finishing your SPM. What seems like a long 3 weeks of examination finally ended. And so fast that now you are boarding the airplane later.

Let me tell you that the aeroplane you are about to board is very big. The biggest transportation you'll ever see in 17 years of your life. Try to get some sleep on the plane, you'll need it. Thou I doubt you won't have  a problem of sleeping. Coz u can sleep so easily -.- Do wake up on time for the sunset thou! It is such a beautiful view from above the clouds.

Don't hesitate to ask help from the steward and stewardess on board. I even heard people requesting for beer on flight lol. Thou I'm not asking you to order la. If you are lucky, you'll be able to see very pretty and handsome thai air attendants! Wohoo. Keep your jacket with you so once the plane land, you can keep yourself warm.

The moment you step out of the plane, you can feel as if there are 10 air-cond surrounding you at high power. Do get excited of Japan's toilet system. The Bidet! Lol. And notice you can set your toilet bowl to warm so you wont get your butt cold. I'm not joking wei.

The difference between you and I is that you are the leader of your team for this trip. You are doing a very good job sis. Impress them with your charms and charisma! Go sis!

Coz we rarely take photos together. These are all the photos we took recently.

Wishing you a save flight and splendid journey! Go out there and explore!

Lots of love from your sister,

Nov 12, 2016

Bits & Pieces of the month

What a relieve after a long week. Mid sem just ended yesterday. Hooray! marks the end of a long strenuous week. It felt as if it's finals. No joke.

With that being said, I can finally sit nice and cozy in front of my laptop and blog! Here are bits of everything that have happened throughout the month.

written by YH when she don't feel like studying. We were at the library studying til she came over to my table and express how unwillingly she wanted to continue studying that night. So I dug out my stationaries and asked her to try lettering. And this was her first lettering!

this is one of my letterings. I am new into this. I have always love art. And when calligraphy and lettering came into social media platforms, I was immediately attracted. There is still much more room of improvement. 

Q: Why I love doing art?
I like how it can be my stress reliever. And seeing the finished product makes me really happy. Just today I did one for my parent's anniversary and mom loved it! 

a simple yet such loving note by the best friend. I like how she is always positive and easy going. During my exam week, she kept encouraging me in my studies. And I always love how we would discuss about studies, asking about each other opinions about a certain topic. now let's focus on getting fit together haha!

 impromptu adventurous dinner with xinni at a chicken chop stall opposite campus. Another point  why I like my best friend, she say let's go have some chicken chop. and I will say onz.
Why I mentioned 'adventurous' dinner? Because we walked on foot from our hostel until the chicken chop stall. We had to cross the main road in front of campus. Took approximately 30mins to walk there. And we left hostel at 630pm. Craving wins.

our first dosage form lab session! Where we prepared syrup mixtures. Year 2 is definitely more fun than year 1 because the things that we study are more related to our course already. Same goes to my dentistry and mbbs friends! Everything has gotten more interesting but at the same time hard. Let's work hard!

currently our favourite place to dine in with nice spotify playlist and food and environment. Pallet Cafe at Sungai Petani. This is my 3rd time there. Had lunch with yh and klm after our pathology paper because the next day we didn't have any exam until Friday. I was exhausted by the third day for continuously studying. So this meal was such a treat. Not to mention that day was Election Day! We were watching the counting of votes there haha.

Highly recommended cafe! Big portion. Reasonable prices.
The photo you see above is their Signature Chicken Chop. Another favourite is Maryland Chicken Chop.

kinda love to tie braid recently. Though you can't see it though this photo haha.


Oct 4, 2016

My first car accident encounter

I thought I should jot this down to remember how the situation was. It was a minor accident that occurred today. My friend and I borrowed car from a friend and while we were on our way to town from campus, we met an accident. It was at a 4 intersection, where the traffic light turned red. And so my friend who was driving stopped the vehicle and pulled the hand brake. Our car wasn’t moving at all. Then suddenly our car jolted to the front. My friend and I exchange looks, shocked at what had happened. Initially I thought my friend might have accidentally let go of her brake pedal, but no, she already pulled the hand brake. So we turned around and looked back. There was a huge lorry behind us that have bumped into us.

We were both stunned at the moment and didn't know what to react initially. Then I signal my friend to go down and check on our car situation first, to see how bad was it. I waited for a moment in the car because we have our belongings such as our purse and hand phones.

Note: When there is an accident, the first thing is to take care of your belongings. There are cases where passer-bys take the advantage to steal your belongings away. This was learned through my mom's experience where a kind lady reminded mom to take care of her bag despite there was a car accident. Getting off the car and to look at how bad our car has been knocked is our first reaction, but do not forget your belongings as well.

After that, I went down to look at the back of the car. We were able to see some paint scratched off, a proportion was dented and there were some cracks. But I saw no major damage. So I thought it was okay. And if the car was going for repair service, it would cost at least hundreds above. So my first step was getting his contact number, for further contact if necessary.

The lorry driver did ask us to just let it go. And based on the damage I see, I thought I should get a bit of money to repair the damage, mostly due to the fact it belongs to our friend that lent us the car. I was caught in a dilemma where I don't know if I should get some money from the lorry driver because based on what I see, he is an average lorry driver that might not earn much too. And I didn't want to burden him as well. So we did reach an agreement on the amount of money. Our conversation went well.

Probably one mistake that my friend and I could've done was to snap a pic of the lorry's car plate. And we should've take a photo of the damage there and then. It was my first time encountering a car accident. I was actually glad that I did listen to car accidents faced by my other friends previously. And through their experiences, I was able to did what I did today. Fairly, I think I did okay at handling this encounter. Mostly due to the fact both of us didn't blur-blur-know-nothing to do in such situation. And gladly it was just a minor one. No one got hurt nor anything had a major damaged.

Car accidents happens very frequently. Although we drive carefully, car accidents may happened due to other drivers. Thus, unexpected car accidents do happen.

I think this small encounter serves as a good experience. I actually felt a sense of accomplishment when this thing was settled. I got a small praise from my love one back at home at handling this situation. It might not be the best solution but this was what I was able to come out with in such a short time during the accident. That small gesture of praise actually made me felt good, that I wasn't going to make them worry, and that I have actually slowly grown to learn more about things out of syllabus. A small word of praise or gesture goes a long way and means a lot sometimes.


Oct 1, 2016


It is October already?!

Hello guys! I have been starting my new semester since early September, currently Year 2 Sem 1. I am senior now! Haha. I am currently in my 3rd week of lecture. The past 2 weeks has been packed. Like super packed.

To start things off, I didn't attend the first week of lecture. I went back to KL for Kuok Foundation interview with a few of my friends. It somehow became a 2days1night holiday for us lol. We spent our time walking around KL, hunting for nice food, and also shopping! It was also my first time taking ETS. ETS stands for Electric Train Service. It was a 4 hour journey from Sungai Petani to KL.

It was the first time the four of us went on a trip. And the four of us really clicked throughout the trip. Hooi Tian was someone whom I din't expect to be so funny LOL.

Then after the first week of lecture, week 2 was mostly occupied with Pharmacy Day rehearsals. We were having drama practice everyday and full rehearsals for officiating ceremony on Saturday (24th September). We held our junior's orientation day in conjunction with World Pharmacist's Day on 25th of September. The overall event was a success! Everyone's hard work pays off, I am glad and honoured to be able to join the board of members. Jigglypuff committee gogogo!

Drama Team!
Board of Committees

Yeah. So after week 2, everything is going back to its original pace. Organising this event together with the committee was a great experience for myself. For one, I never thought we could make a successful drama that was enjoyed by everyone. I think due to the fact that all of us enjoy our drama very much, this feeling that we have could be shared to the audience. Our drama was about high school times where we bring back good high school memories to the audiences. Reminiscing and appreciating the things and moments we had during those days. Great job everyone!

That's all for now. Til next time!


Aug 14, 2016

Fluffed and Pokemon GO

Alice in the Wonderland

Pooh Bear

Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar

And finally, waffles cravings satisfied! Fluffed is known for its waffles. My friends and I tried Pooh Bear and Alice in the Wonderland. I personally love Pooh Bear. It was a taste that could be accepted widely, with honeycombs, banana, strawberries and blueberries on top. For Alice in the Wonderland, the ice cream tasted different. Unlike any other ice-cream flavours I've tasted. My friend guessed lavender? Nevertheless it was good too, but I would go again and again for Pooh Bear. One thing about Fluffed, their waffles are crispy. It had everything I wanted in a waffle: soft in the inside, just that right amount of crisp, and the aroma of waffles... Cravings definitely satisfied.

That night as well, I saw Pokemon GO for the first time. I didn't download the game. So I hadn't see the game myself until I saw my friend asked me to help her play while she drive lol. Good gesture by the way because it's not good to drive and play yknw. Basically, there are pokestops where you collect items such as fruits, pokeballs. then there's gyms where you can versus the person there to take over the gym. Then there's pokemons for you to catch. Of course you can also evolve and incubate and all. I am not going further on that.

So I know Pokemon GO went viral firstly in the US. Then Malaysia was hoping for it to be launch in the country. And it finally did. They say there is this Pokemon Craze. I never believe it until I witness it with my own eyes. My friends and I were dropping by Dataran Sunway area to catch some pokemons, and there it was, I saw a bunch of people standing there in groups, looking at their phone, catching pokemons. The Pokemon Craze is real! We were wtf-ing the moment we saw it. Wtf.
People actually really took the initiative to go out of their house and go Pokemon hunting. I see people making trips to KL City center to catch pokemons.

The other day, my friend and I went to DesaPark City where it is known to have a lot of pokemons. You see, there are different  types of pokemons in different areas. So in order to fill up your pokedex, you have to go to different areas to catch those different pokemons that you never have. You can't only play it at home because it is limited. Shopping malls are great places to capture. So back to DesaPark City, supposed this is a very beautiful park with a nice lake view for outdoor activities like jogging or cycling. That was supposed to be the activity. But the moment we arrived, as expected, people were catching pokemon early in the morning. My friend told me there weren't that much of a crowd in the weekends but the crowd that we saw was really big. The pokemon craze is real!

I find it amusing to look at people play Pokemon GO. They are very into it, and they play it very often and gets very excited when they get to capture a pokemon or found a new pokemon, or even wins a tournament. It's fun, truly. I don't play it myself because, I don't know, I'm not really of a game type of people. I often play games for just a very short period. Even my phone do not have any games in it. Well that's me. But I was tempted to play it because I could catch a pokemon with one finger lol (says my friend) and it was really a good game, reason why almost everyone is playing it. In a way, this game is very good for those group of people who always stays at home. Take for example my another friend who is playing, he says he haven't been out of house as often as he did years ago wtf. He is a home guy.. But also there are issues where people play and drive, which could be a problem. If nothing happens, it's okay la. But when things happens...uh-uh not good.

That's all from me. Happy catching Pokemons!


Aug 9, 2016

What I learn from my 6 year old sister



Where do I start? My last post was on July 28th. I have been wanting to publish a post, that explains why I have so many drafts left unpublished. At first I thought of blogging about my working experiences for the past few weeks. And now I am certain what am I going to blog about.

My sister, Apple Ong.

I've never truly blogged about her. For a brief intro, Apple is my youngest sister name. I am currently 20 this year, and she is 6. Which means we have a 14 year gap between us. Which also means, when I was 14 years old, during my form 2, my mom gave birth to the youngest member of our Ong family. All memories can still be remembered vividly in my mind. I remember the day mom was going into labour, I still had to attend my evening school session, anxiously to wait for the school bell to get back home. I even told my friends how I was getting another sister that day. Everyone told me why didn't I just skip school haha.
Dad and my second sister went there first to see mom at the hospital. Apple was born in the morning, 8am. Only the father was allowed to enter the baby room. The nurse would point which one was Apple among all the other babies.

Only until the 2nd day of her birth into this world was I able to meet her for the first time. She was so tiny! At just 2kg+. She fought with some sort of growth in mom's womb to get nourishment, It didn't cause much complications but thankfully mom and Apple was safe.

For one, my sister is a bit slow at talking. She did improve tremendously in her talking and reading. She is a very giving little girl thou today she quickly gobble up her ice-cream when I asked her for some -.-

Apple often ask, "Are you okay?". For example if we fall down she would ask that. Or when she see anyone crying, she also will ask that. And after that, she would say, "It's okay da jie". Apple appears to be the person we often seek comfort from. She is still so young and she is happy about almost eveything in the world. We on the other hand grow up, things seem more complicated now. At times we seek for comfort, we tend to hug her and she would patt us back.

Just these 2 days, my skin allergy came back again. This time is one of the worse allergy that I had because my allergy usually only spreads to my fingers. But it spreads even to my palm this time around. So I showed Apple my hands, saying, "See da jie hands. Allergy". I was explaining to her that this is called allergy. She took a long look at it and was curious to touch. I said, "Da jie hands rough rough oh, do u still want to hold hands?". Without hesitation, she held into my hands. Just a burst of overwhelm-ness pass through me. Yes, she could just be a little girl that didn't even know about the allergy I was having. She portrayed what that has been lacking in the society today. No judgement.  

Now and then, I have always felt shy regarding the hand allergy that I have. My hands aren't smooth. It has lumps on it. I was very much afraid to tell my friends that I have this skin allergy during my primary and high school times. Whenever I got affected with it, I would clasp my hands tightly so no one could see it. Because I was afraid my friends will turn down on me and wouldn't be friends with me anymore. (true though ) PS: Thank you to you guys, you know who you are, who didn't unfriended me even after you saw this side of me 

Sorry abit off topic. Yeah, but you see what I am trying to convey. For little young kids, they are just genuinely happy and gets excited over simple things in life, they don't think much. They do things that they love. If they are happy, they are happy. If they are sad, they show it. There are some values from kids that we grown ups can learn from. It is all part of the learning process. How kids can learn from us and what we can learn from them too.
Things would only get more complicated, work would only get more, life would get busier. But once awhile it's good to lay everything down, and just summon your inner kid within. Where there is not a single worry in the world.

And for this, I thank my 6 year old sister to make me realize things that I never did :)

Love you lots, your eldest sister,
Priscilla Ong

Jul 28, 2016

My Primary School Friend

As some saying goes,

"People come and go"

But not this friend. Seri have been a friend of mine ever since primary school. We knew each other when we were 10 years old, which was primary four but only until we were in primary five that we've became the best of friends. She was a newly transferred student to the school that I was in. I came into knowing her during Award Giving Ceremony (Anugerah Cemerlang), where I remembered I leaned on the door and said Hi to her for the first time.

We go long back to the days where after school, we both go home to our respective houses and then after I take my shower and lunch, I will cycle to her house which is in another taman. And I did that for almost 300 days out of 365 days in a year LOL. True story. Literally almost everyday. Yet I never get tired of going to her house. Neither did she. She would walk all the way to my house and never break a sweat. I go to her house that often til my digimon reached level 38 wtf (both of us play PS3 together that time). We shared common interest such as reading manga and drawing. I have a pet cat and so does she. She would be happier to see my cat than me when she comes to my house lol.

We did entered the same high school together and got into the same class. But after a few months, she went to Maktab while I remained. She then no longer live in the neighbourhood while I still live in the same neighbourhood. However so, the both of us still make time for each other. We will meet up during holidays.

Today we met again. We actually met yesterday to catch up on each other. We spent the whole evening til night together. Never ending conversations. At first we had Milo and some nice kek lapis at my house. Then we thought of getting McDonald's new Hershey's ice-cream but only to be turn down due to its unavalibility. So we ended up in another cafe, sipping on milkshakes and continued chatting.

Seri and I rarely meet up. I would say probably twice a year. And rarely do we chat too. But whenever we meet, we wouldn't keep our mouth shut. I really had a great catch up with her these two days. Today we met up again and we walked around the neighbourhood, pointing at things that were so familiar to us, reminiscing on our primary school days. We would be excited when we hear ice-cream motors, and chase after it with our bikes when we missed the ice-cream uncle for the first time. This evening we were looking for ice-cream as thou we were 11 years old, but wearing clothes that were for a university presentation.

It was a mixture of feelings when we look back at how long we've been friends. It has been 9 years of friendship, almost a decade (since we didn't count primary four). I am truly grateful, sincerely from my heart, for the friendship that we have. We were 11 years old when we became best friends, and now we are like, what? 20 years old already? Time really flies. But you were still the same Malay best friend I met 9 years ago. And I am still the same Chinese friend you met 9 years ago.

Til then, see you again soon Seri!

Priscilla Ong.

Jul 26, 2016

Hatyai in July with Family

6th July - 8th July

Our family embarked on our very first trip together as a family of five. Our first overseas trip. More like over-the-border of Malaysia trip lol. After hearing so many people around me going to Hatyai, we finally stepped into the land of Thai. Hatyai is consider a destination that most Malaysian will go for a short getaway, especially for its food and a good shopping spree. But as much as many have told me, Bangkok will be a better place for shopping and food.

We were however very excited to go to Hatyai! The currency exchange was approx RM1 to 8.60 Thai Baht when we went there. When I asked my friends should we learn some Thai language to communicate better there, they would say, just speak Hokkien and Mandarin to them. To my surprise, we did really communicate in Hokkien most of the time! Which results in a better understanding and communication in Hokkien for me oh yeah! 

To me Hatyai was like, a town full of Malaysians lol. We went there during Raya season, so the whole place was packed! Like really packed. Everywhere we go is crowded. I find Hatyai food very susceptible to our taste buds. Remember to buy their coconut ice-cream! It cost like 50 Thai Baht, which is really cheap if you compare it to Sangkaya coconut ice-cream. It's way too expensive in Malaysia. Sigh. And when you go for a shopping spree, you should always bargain bargain and bargain. You could really get a good buy by negotiating the price.

And then there was the "tuk tuk", which is somewhat similar to what we call in Malaysia the "beca". I don't know why I was very happy to get on a "tuk tuk" hehehehe. Probably it was after we went to the big market, it was a scorching hot day, and our legs were sore after all the walking.

A trip to Hatyai is not complete with a massage. As you along the streets, you can see plenty of massage centers. Most people go for foot massages after a long day of shopping. I never been to any massages before. So it was virgin visit to the massage center. I tried the oil massage. And you were actually required to naked, which I didn't know! o.o And from my own experience, I find it more painful than relaxing wtf. And some parts was ticklish which almost made me laugh in the very quiet environment wtf again. So there goes my virgin attempt to get a massage mehh.

I'll just let the photos do the talking!

Near Hatyai big market.
On the way to Malaysia-Thailand border.
At the immigration.
At the big market.
In a "tuk tuk"!
Coconut ice-cream! 
Blizzard. We bought this at random and turns out to be one of the best ice-cream we tasted! omg.
Family <3

Jul 2, 2016

Neighbourhood Mini Adventure

Hi guys!

Today have been quite an indifferent day, unlike any normal days I would usually spend most of my time on the internet and probably doing elder sister's duties such as driving my siblings in and out, for example, sending them to school, sending them to tuition and then pick them up later or sometimes even sending my mom to work and on top of that doing house chores.
I have this perception: I am not often at home, probably just come back few times a year, so when I'm home I will help out as much as I can to lessen everyone's burden.

So back to topic! Tonight we were suppose to go out for dinner because it's the weekends, mom and dad often work very late in additional it's the festive season, Hari Raya, so they will be more busy than usual thus they wouldn't be able to cook dinner. And then I had an idea, why not I cook dinner instead?
Instead of driving to my neighbourhood grocery stall, I decided to cycle. But turns out the bike was out of air so I pushed the bike to a workshop to get it filled first. The grocery stall was just next to the workshop, so I went in to get my list of ingredients and then made a phone call to mom to tell her I'll be cooking dinner.

The same road when I drove and walked gave a totally different vibe. You tend to take notice of the smaller details around the road instead of usually just driving pass it. It also made me reminisce my childhood days where I often cycle around the neighbourhood, I even remember the curve where I once fell down which got me a scar on my knee that is still visible until today, and also a kind uncle who lend me a hand.

Years have passed throughout the years. I am still in the same neighbourhood, yet it gives a different touch to me every now and then, especially when I return home. The kids whom I see crossing roads to get home after school...I was once like that too, a high schooler anxiously walking back home curious of what's on the table for lunch haha. I see the bus stop. I look back on those days when my friends and I ran to the bus stop when we saw the bus approaching. The bus was our sole transport provider to get us to the shopping malls. Those days were fun! How times has passed and now we passed the second half of year 2016.

My primary school.

Bibimbap for dinner!

After all that saying, not a bad day I had huh!
And not to mention, from the items I bought, it cost me only RM5 excluding the rice and egg. A dinner for 4 below RM10?! Where to get you tell me?! Especially given that we are staying in KL, eating out is very costly. 

How was your day? Why not spice it up by trying something different from your daily routine? :D


Jun 29, 2016

End of Year 1 out of 4

From 08/2015 - 06/2016

I have completed Year 1! Two semesters per year. It has been a year of fun and laughter. From foundation friends, moving into degree together, on top of that knowing new friends, group mates, slowly knowing everyone out of the 100 people in Year 1 Pharmacy. I can't wait for 3 more years with all of you. Hope to snap more photos to be kept as memories.

First year of degree has been nothing but fun and all smiles. Yes, exam was tough. But the fun and happy times overpowered the tough times. During study week, you have friends to joke around with when you are stressed, when you use your brain too much and you get hungry, we all go for tea time together and promise not to bring notes along LOL. Seniors told us Year 1 is honeymoon year. So we all really did had our own fair share of fun. I was lucky to have work alongside with my assistant and treasurer during my second semester. Both very very responsible people. I have really cool group mates whom I will be having lab sessions together for the next 3 years. Upcoming Year 2, we will be involving in many more events, hopefully I can get to know more of you guys! Batch 11 go go go :D

And last but not least, Gang! University life is so much fun with all you! Looking forward for more trips and laughing moments with you guys!