Dec 7, 2015


December already seriously?

Hello, hi! Time to greet whoever who are reading. It has been too long. Time too rant huh?

Supposed exam is a month away, few weeks to be exact if I'm including mpu subjects.
I'm n o t  i n  t h e  m o o d  t o  s t u d y  p l e a s e.
Help. I could be re-reading the same notes for over an hour and not getting anything it. Seriously?! This is bad -.- Study mood where are you yo? My friends back in kl are having exam soon too. Jiayou together beh my friends! ;)

So what's up lately? Well, gladly to say that I had a weekend getaway to Ipoh last week. It was an impromptu decision to go for a short getaway. Could take some time off to just relax and unwind and venture into a vintage rustic Ipoh. Truly love how rustic the city of Ipoh is. I shall steal time to blog about my Ipoh trip! Somehow I like Ipoh more than Penang. I like how it is more reserve and less busy. You could walk into lorongs accompanied with a nostalgic feel, I like it.

My youngest sister have been missing me dearly. Mom told me she have been looking for me. Can't help to feel the love back at home. A month more til home. At the mean time, I have to do what I have to in Kedah. Example: Studying and not blogging lol.

I think that should be all for now. Should really be studying. Three oral tests in this week and the upcoming week. Well, degree life...


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