Dec 11, 2015


It's the time of the year again! Christmas!

As Christmas is approaching, it somehow brings back memories. It brings back memories with ah gong.

The feeling of being back home for Christmas. My family and I goes back to our hometown to spend Christmas with our family members in Pahang as long as I could remember. Almost every year if I may say? Ah gong takes Christmas quite seriously haha, as in he will make the effort to pull out the Christmas tree and along with the ornaments from the store room. We'll decorate it together and let it sparkle with light through the night. Then soon later my aunt will come nagging because we leave the decoration lights on, waste of electricity she says lol. Haha

It's definitely one of my favourite celebration. It brings out the festive season. And on top of that, I could have my favourite tang yuan! I remembered last year or the previous year we made our own tang yuan. Which is so nice!! Last time we'll just buy those pre-packed frozen tang yuan that have peanut, red bean flavour haha. Doing it yourself makes it even more fun and of course it brings everyone together. Love love love tang yuan!

And among my family members we'll make time to shop gifts for each other. Last year I got my first lipstick! A gift from mom and Esther too I think? Lol. I have to emphasize that I love that lipstick that mom gave me. It sort of gave me the impression of entering adulthood (I'm still not that old though), having beauty products? Haha.

It is til now I realized that Christmas holds quite an intimate meaning to my family and also to myself.

This year however, I wouldn't be able to be home for Christmas, it would be my study week. Exam can you not spoil the festive season T.T Fret not though! My friends and I have been planning a Christmas party celebration soon! We'll be playing secret santa as well, that is to buy gifts for our friends. Sounds pretty exciting, no? :D I am very much looking forward to it hehe.

Til then,

PS: Today someone mentioned that Prisky sounds like a new wine name, like whiskey. lol?

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