Nov 22, 2015

My First 10KM

Another wish checked off today! I successfully finished a 10KM marathon!!! Didn't know I was able to finish the whole 10KM run, but hey, I did it!!! Penang Bridge International Marathon yo.

Just last week, I started to rebuild my stamina but having morning jogs at the track. Initially, brining way back.....I already started to train for this marathon, I went for evening jogs around campus and all but however so, during exam week, everything was put on halt. So that's why I had to rebuild again the momentum.

The journey to my first marathon begins!

I spent a night over at my friend's house in Butterworth. I wouldn't say I did spend the night there because we slept from 9-11pm only, but actually we didn't quite get our sleep. Just for some reasons, we are half asleep and awake -.- Which equals to no sleep at all. We head to the jetty to take the ferry over to Penang Island at 12am. The ferry took 15minutes. While waiting, we saw many other marathon participants, they were all geared up with their sport shoes in hand or either they wore the marathon jersey already. The feeling was good, everyone taking the ferry together and heading to the race site. And it was also exhilarating taking the midnight ferry, just until I spot a rat at the ferry -.- fml

Just as we got off the ferry, we went to look for my friend, JJ, who was also joining the marathon wohoo! Thank you for the ride! There was jam on the way there and it was very hard to find parking, we had to park very far away. And by the time it was almost 1am when we found a parking. By the time you could already see many runners walking towards the same direction, it was a very cool feeling I tell you!

The full marathon was set to start at 1am+, we saw a display of fireworks from afar. So nice! Then there goes the honk. Let it begin! Wow, I tell you, just by a look at the full marathon runners, you just feel like giving a 90 degree bow. Salute. So steady. There were so many full marathon runners! I wonder when could I run a full marathon haha.

Ooh, and then the 3 of us roam around the area. And guess what, I saw Lim Guan Eng! Omg. The man himself (Y) Abit starstruck that time,

Then later at 3am, JJ start his half marathon! Wohoo! He did so good mygosh. Then at 3.15am, it was Lay Sim's turn for her half marathon. I'll probably join the half marathon gang after a few more attempts at 10KM haha.

I had so much time to spend from 3am-7am. I thought to myself, yay I got 4 hour of sleep. But it was hard to sleep because there wasn't any place I could sleep. Of course I wanted to sleep. You could see so many people sleeping on the streets everywhere. I did had my fair try of sleeping in a bar table haha. Honestly, the only sleep that I get was 30mins. I was with my course seniors. I thank them for letting me tag a long and for being very nice to me, thank you! :)

Around 6am,  finally contacted with YC and met her at the running site. By that time, both of us were exhausted. I was so sleep deprive up until a point where I wanted to just not run this marathon and go home and sleep. The sleep deficit was no joke. But then there was this announcer that was very entertaining, because she had this typical aunty pattern lol. "Step on the mat and go", she kept repeating it to the 10KM male runners who departed at 6.45am.

At 7am, it was finally my turn to run. So excited! But it was a bit tough at first, in a sense, there were too many people. Crowded. So you have to maneuver around the crowd to continue running.

Here, I am proudly to say that I ran the whole 10KM without any stop, except when I took a photo with Yue Ying and taking a sip of sunkist lol.

Credits to Yue Ying coz i stopped by to say hi haha

There was a point where I almost can't take it, but I just jogged really really slow. I didn't know how I did it. From the starting point, because we're jogging towards the Penang Bridge, so the excitedness you know. I wanted to see what is there to see upfront, so I guess it motivates myself. The view was astonishing. The view of the Penang bridge with the sunrise.

And then, you are running with a crowd, whenever I feel like stopping, I see the people around me continuing the momentum, so I was motivated to keep on my pace. And then you see people who are walking, I was thinking, nope I don't wanna walk, I wanna run this marathon! So I continued. And then there's uncles and aunties who are so much older than you, you see them running, I am younger than them, they are not even stopping and walking and you who are young want to?! You don't, you keep running.

Even met Leo club members from our uni! And of course, miss Lau Yue Ying.

Half way there!!

There's definitely a lot to see during the run. You could see husband and wive motivating each other running, giving each other the support each other need. You see couples who run together holding hands. The elderly running (Y)

All in all, it was a very very very good experience joining this marathon. This won't be my last! And big thanks to everyone that lend a hand, from training, to a place to stay, with a ride, a good company :)

PS: And did I say there are so much food?! Unlimited supply of 100plus, Milo, Sunkist and Fitnesse!! Mygosh how can you not come to a marathon? Hahaha.

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