Aug 26, 2015

Unexpected hostel


This morning was my registration day for the new intake. Honestly, today was a pretty rough day to begin with. There wasn't a long queue to register, however I had issues with my hostel. Maybe due to the fact that my previous hostel was really clean and hygienic, I've set a certain level of the hostel that I want. I am not the really kind of people who is really picky but the first room that I got today was really really really bad. I was welcomed by an unpleasant smell and shoes were scattered everywhere and not to mention I could see layers of dusts and hair all over the floor. The whole room was very stuffy, everything was shut close. My bed was beside the window, as what I wanted, the room was at the second floor, as what I wanted. But just by looking at the cleanliness and condition of the hostel, I could not stay there any minute longer. 

Initially I was told that I have to wait for a week in order to change hostel. Life's good, I was allowed to switch that day itself but I would have to find a room myself. So the search begins. I was running up and down multiple flight of stairs, asking familiar faces and ringing up some numbers just to ask if there was any available rooms. After a whole afternoon of searching, I finally found a room that was just right. It's at the fifth floor, it's not by the window, but it's clean. Real clean.

When I mention my request to change from second floor to fifth floor, they were shocked to hear. It really emphasize how much I really wanted to switch my room. Really thankful that I was able to settle everything in. I unpacked and put everything into place. I finished my registration by 10am but all things settled by 7pm. What an exhausting day.

Would really wanna thanks the people who helped out today and those who took concern about my matters today... Out of everything, most of the stuff I still had to settle it by my own. This is a matter of being independent and part of growing up.

That's all for today!

I think I loss some grams today. Ran up and down the fifth floor at least 10 times today fml.

Goodnight, Pris.

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  1. Emm,i am sure that day you have lost some grams,but after that may be put back already haha!Is great to see that my girl really grow up now and independent!


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