Aug 23, 2015


Wednesday is my degree registration day. Currently having a dilemma between taking a bus or having my parents to send me all the way up to Kedah. It takes approximately 6 hours by bus, 1 hour by flight (to Penang or Alor Setar), probably 4 or 5 hours by car. In a way I don't want to trouble my parents for sending me all the way there coz that means they will spend an estimate of at least 10 hours travelling the north-south highway. Of course I did consider driving there first so they will just have to take turns driving back. Nevertheless if I take to account the toll fees and petrol that w'll be spending, I rather take a 6 hour bus. Part of me don't want to trouble anyone this time around.

Okay done nagging bout transportation.

Apparently I think too much of teh ais kurang manis make me can't sleep or it's just probably I haven't reach my bed time. Been sleeping really late coz degree is starting, once it begins, I'm gonna be a nerd, be a good girl. Heh, maybe la. Don't mind me, bullshitting *:P*

As mentioned in my previous post, my holiday was as long as 4 months. I get to hang out with my friends a lot more. Being in high school was different, we could meet up every single day and have those super fun moments. Since everyone went to college, we don't meet up as often as we could as some of us study so far away and at times will be too busy. But being able to reserve some time in a week to meet up with each other is really something I'll treasure. We get to spend time together like how we used to but not in classrooms haha.

My two favourite girls. Found a place to be called our old place. Great music, drinks and company. Really like the ambiance and the feeling at that place. When lil' Y come back, we'll go there! Hehe. Can't love this girls enough lah. Idk if I mentioned this before but although I'm the 2nd eldest among us four, I always feel the youngest among them two. Like two jie jie take care of me. Feeling much love yo <3 Ern posted this, 
"The exact same place, the exact same company. Whenever I thought that distance were getting in the way, only til I realize nothing's change"
couldn't agree more :)

Then there's these bunch of bro's which is really fun to hang out with. Late night mamak with them every weekend. Sort of forced them to have this photo lol. They look decent enough haha. Endless talking lah. I get too much gaming info thou, too bad I don't do gaming. Thanks for the mamak sessions bros :)

There is also my good buddy linghes and lcd. Two nerds that I know since high school. I can't express how happy I am for linghes at getting medic :) also had mamak with them the other day. Thanks for all the help, especially during muet time haha. damnit so last minute preparation for muet.

All the good times spent together during holiday. Why fun times have to end so soon.. Lol I know I'm like giving out a feeling like I ain't coming back. It's not like i'm not coming back. Of course I'm gonna be back, it's home after all. It's just that the next time I'm back it's gonna be next year, most probably. And becoz I feel that people often scare me with what's degree like o.o kns you ppl lol

First picnic with the clique! Woke up ridiculously early to prepare and depart early but heck, still late haha. Gonna blog in a separate post regarding our picnic (if i rajin enuf)

yum cha.

girls night out. that time everyone one of us were working. So I tot we should make time to hang out often. Hence a girl's night out! <3

Was really glad to meet my primary friend too! Been friends for so many years! Met her twice during this holiday. Glad to spend her birthday together too! 

Okay goodnight. It's almost 3am wtf. Goodnight!

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