Aug 25, 2015

Journey to Kedah

This morning I took a 6 hours of butt cracking journey all the way to Kedah. Oh yeah man. So after all considerations, eventually I took the bus. Dad did insist on driving me there but yeah... I took the bus.

For the past few weeks I've already started my packing process. It's not because I wanted to leave so eagerly, it's so that I will not forget the things that I was suppose to bring. Well, for that beng said mom just text me that I forgot some stuff. For example my power bank T.T
I had all things plan out, during my 6 hour journey I can play my phone, a new game that I'm after, Four Letters. I can surf the net while I'm at it because I know I'll have my power bank to charge it back up. But heck, I forgot my power bank so I reduce my usage of phone, thus I slept right away the minute I got into the bus lol.

Woke up half way at a rest stop. I didn't had lunch either. My initial plan was to have the food that mom packed for me. With that being said again, I forgot to put it into my bag. fml. Mom purposely woke up so early just to cook it for me, she even did some preparations the night before. She isn't those early people and yet she wake up early just to prepare it for me coz I nag her that I'll miss her food. Thank you mama <3 yet I forget it and mom take it as her lunch lol.

Becoz we arrived at Jalan Duta quite early so we had round two breakfast there. Had a great talk with mom and dad. The bus arrived quite off schedule but it was okay since I get to be with mom and dad. 

Tomorrow is registration day! Gotta wake up early for it! On top of that, I get to meet my senior today, did a lot of catch up :D 


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