Aug 19, 2015


One week from now I'll be going back to my previous university to continue my degree. It's a love and hate relationship with this university. By returning to the same place, I can meet my friends again! At least gonna spend the other 4 years together at the same place.

As time closing in, part of me just want to stay at home, close to family and friends but another part of me is excited to embark on yet another new journey. This feeling of excitement comes with some butterflies. A sense of anxiety. Degree is a whole new level. Transferring from pre-u to degree, you got to step up your game. Foundation was child's play. Nevertheless, I hope I could cope up with my studies.

After an estimate of 3 months holiday, it's time to get the engine running in full power again. For that, I've set some goals to achieve. For starters, my fitness level. Work out have been hiatus for 3 months, and my stamina level might have deteriorate... fml -.-  Not to mention my flexibility too. I just have to loss some kilograms! 

What does degree have to offer? I am really not sure. But it sure gonna be challenging. I've been accepted to enter the faculty of pharmacy. It takes 4 years of studies. I'll get to see new and familiar faces. A new syllabus. Phew...

I look forward to it.

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