Jul 10, 2015

Weekend at Setia Alam


Last weekend was a great weekend indeed, as we spent the day with our cousin at Setia Alam. My aunt from Pahang came down so we thought it's time for a family gathering. The whole day was spent by chasing the two little one and making big gigantic bubbles for their amusement (...well actually ours too... hehe).

I've seen videos in the internet showing the ways to make these bubbles. So I always wanted to try it out! Didn't know that Setia Alam have this huge open area where people could lay back and have a nice picnic. It was the puasa month so there were so many people breaking their fast there. The best part was the shops that allow you to rent these equipment to make bubbles! There are a few choices to choose from, ranging from RM2-RM4. We chose the one with six loops. It was amazing. When the wind is strong enough, just raise up the two poles and multiple gigantic bubbles will appear before your eyes! 

I would love to do it again hehe :)

Est and I both equally have as much fun making the bubbles as the two little ones chasing after it, trying to pop it. We let the two of them to try out, making bubbles but they end up drenched in soap mixture lol. 

That's all for now.


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