Jun 30, 2015

June ;


June has been a lot of things. For one, I treat it as the end of my holidays. No more slacking, no more waking up in the noon and sleeping late night. Of course since foundation was over, I took a few weeks after finals to really rest and have fun until dawn. However, first week of June was quite rough. I needed major readjustments, in terms of my sleeping time and also occupying my free time.

Before I found my current part time job, I spent my time just like any other ordinary housewife. I cleaned the whole house, cook lunch, pick up Apple from kindergarden and also did laundry. Not bad ah... 

June was also Father's Day! Last year I didn't manage to spend Father's Day with dad, just called him through the phone to wish him because I couldn't be home. So since I'm back at home, I made a card and a special video for dad :)

June was all great because I get to meet all my homies again! It's people like this who make you feel like this is home. Not to be missed, karaoke session with the future-pop-star Lcd, and of course my two favourite girls. Another day went job hunting with good ol' Linghes. Haraju Cube with Cj, Tif and Voonie. Now I finally know where is Empire Damansara! Night spent at the juice bar, reunited with busy-woman Ern. Lounging like we own the place, doing origami and reminiscing high school times. Everyone trying their best to put each other in shame by recalling humiliating stuff that we did in the past. Yeah, friends like this -.-

Being back at home feels awfully good! For starters, home cook food! I can't. I really did try to cook, it's accepted by everyone except Esther Ong. Occasionally Apple don't take my cooking too well too. It's not that my cooking skills is all that bad, just that...well, let's just say I cook a tad bit healthily. I put too less salt and oil at times til the food taste utterly bland.

Whenever Est is in the mood to cook, she really cook some really awesome stuff. It rarely tastes bad, ever. I think it never. But problem is that, she rarely cooks. Meh/

Being at home also means more family bonding time. Especially this little one lah. Too cute to resist. Now she is so talkative! SInce she is the youngest in the family, she brought life and laughter everyday. Having a little one at home makes a difference.

That's all for now.

Goodnight :)

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