May 15, 2015

Love, May


It has been a great one year. My one year of foundation studies in AIMST has ended :) I started my course in May 21st, 2014 and ended on May 8th, 2015. Initially I entered a few days late than the others because it was a last minute decision to enter this university too. I had plans for A-levels and engineering courses. But ended up taking foundation in science in a medical school. What a big u-turn. And because I was late, I didn't went for orientation.

I was placed in B2 class. A total of 42 people. I was given a chance of becoming Sem 2's class rep. It was a nice experience. Eventually I knew everyone in my class. It was nice having tutorial classes with you all, and for some, falling asleep in class together haha.

My two housemates which I truly appreciate, one from Sabah and the other from Sarawak. And I'm from KL. Complete lah, One Malaysia already! Haha. Both of them were there from the start of the foundation. There's a lot of things taken into consideration when you have housemates and room mates. I could'nt have asked for better housemates like you girls :) I really enjoyed all the time we spent together, be it grocery shopping, cooking, chatting or even studying. Everything is fun with you girls. Thank you for everything and for tolerating my childishness :P

Then there's these revolutionary people who always goes out for supper. We can have supper almost every night! Revolution from thin to fat jiu got lah! Hahaha. I know I can't stop laughing when it's with you guys, a really fun bunch of people to keep.

That's all for now, I shall continue with other blog post soon :)

Love, Pris

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