Jan 24, 2015


So I am officially 19. Honestly, 19 sounds old compare to 18 because it's just another year til you reach big old 20,  that's two decades. Totally a different feeling when I was 9. When I was 9, I was so eager into turning 10, finally a double digit! Wow, that's awesome, I thought. But when it come to switching your tens digit from 1 to 2, it really does feel something. And yet, mom  and dad would be saying, if you are old, then what is grandpa, he is 80+. Wow. Just wow. You know how RM19.99 would always sounds cheaper than RM20, but seriously it's just 1 sen away from RM20, nevertheless it still feels cheaper. So should I be optimistic by saying, hey it's just 19, not 20.

Just tonight we were talking and Voonie mentioned how she don't even like to reveal her age anymore. Which reminds me of the other day when someone asked me how old was I, I contemplated, then answered, "This year 19".

What have I accomplished so far when I was 18? I would say I went out of my norm. Attempted new things in life, staying in a hostel, being more independent, organizing event, talk to new people... Despite so, it would mean, having to spend lesser time with my good ol' friends in kl and also my family. Nevertheless, there is something called social medias. But after my read on Love, Rosie or Where Rainbows End, I would really want to attempt to write, to send out postcards, handwritten mail or even email.

I do remember how an sms was like a gem to me, eventhough through whatsapp you could add emoticons, type as long as you want, it didn't have the same feeling to what I felt previously. I used to keep birthday wishes from my friends for at least 3 years. At times, your phone storage would be full, you no longer could store any new sms, you are forced to delete some...heartbreaking indeed. To me, the past trends seems to be more favourable, like what I have mentioned, written letters, or even sms. Same goes to fashion.

I should really start collecting people's house addresses.

Reading the novel Love, Rosie also makes feel that time is indeed really fast. Now I could be 19, the next time..whoshhh, bam! I have kids and a husband *smirks* Well that is forever one of my life goals. Simple, go through childhood times, high school, college, get a career, go dating, married, get kids. Just today my ex colleague wished me a happy birthday with a note, "hope you meet many guys". lol. And not to mention, my friends and I often point out how eager are we to see one of us finding a soulmate. We are not desperate, it's just that, well, most of us didn't really started any datings. Anyhow, life's great, life's wonderful, you could always have a great time with a bunch of friends. The soulmate could wait.

I shall type soon when I think of things, there is just so many to think about. Til then, goodnight.

Jan 23, 2015


I feel old.