Dec 11, 2015


It's the time of the year again! Christmas!

As Christmas is approaching, it somehow brings back memories. It brings back memories with ah gong.

The feeling of being back home for Christmas. My family and I goes back to our hometown to spend Christmas with our family members in Pahang as long as I could remember. Almost every year if I may say? Ah gong takes Christmas quite seriously haha, as in he will make the effort to pull out the Christmas tree and along with the ornaments from the store room. We'll decorate it together and let it sparkle with light through the night. Then soon later my aunt will come nagging because we leave the decoration lights on, waste of electricity she says lol. Haha

It's definitely one of my favourite celebration. It brings out the festive season. And on top of that, I could have my favourite tang yuan! I remembered last year or the previous year we made our own tang yuan. Which is so nice!! Last time we'll just buy those pre-packed frozen tang yuan that have peanut, red bean flavour haha. Doing it yourself makes it even more fun and of course it brings everyone together. Love love love tang yuan!

And among my family members we'll make time to shop gifts for each other. Last year I got my first lipstick! A gift from mom and Esther too I think? Lol. I have to emphasize that I love that lipstick that mom gave me. It sort of gave me the impression of entering adulthood (I'm still not that old though), having beauty products? Haha.

It is til now I realized that Christmas holds quite an intimate meaning to my family and also to myself.

This year however, I wouldn't be able to be home for Christmas, it would be my study week. Exam can you not spoil the festive season T.T Fret not though! My friends and I have been planning a Christmas party celebration soon! We'll be playing secret santa as well, that is to buy gifts for our friends. Sounds pretty exciting, no? :D I am very much looking forward to it hehe.

Til then,

PS: Today someone mentioned that Prisky sounds like a new wine name, like whiskey. lol?

Dec 8, 2015


As promised, the Ipoh Trip blog post.

It took me a while to post this because I had to compile the photos from my friends. Well, when you don't have a good phone camera quality, you just gotta hope your friend's phone is better haha. For that, let me intro my friends for this trip!

Taken at Aman Central Bus Station in Ipoh.

Spent 2 days 1 night with this three lovely people. We took a bus from Sungai Petani to Butterworth and then to Ipoh. Duration took about 2 and a half hours. As the bus drove into the bus station I was all hype up for our stay. First thing first was to check into our hostel. I coincidentally found a cool place for us to stay when I was on the net: Bed & Bike Backpackers Studio Ipoh. I read good reviews about it and the price was okay so I thought why not give it a try?

At the studio.

These are our beds for the night. The studio rate is per bed. We took each a bed, RM30/per bed. They even provide free breakfast, free wifi and free bikes. How cool!

The studio is located at the first floor not the ground floor and it doesn't have a large signboard stating the studio name but nevertheless we could find it. As we step in, we immediately fell in love with the place. We were greeted by the friendly volunteers there. Love love love the place. I don't mind going back here to stay but maybe the next time around as a volunteer heee :)

To be continue...

As much as I would like to continue, sorry, have to continue this post next time because I have to get back to my studies! Oral test this week! Til next time! 


Dec 7, 2015


December already seriously?

Hello, hi! Time to greet whoever who are reading. It has been too long. Time too rant huh?

Supposed exam is a month away, few weeks to be exact if I'm including mpu subjects.
I'm n o t  i n  t h e  m o o d  t o  s t u d y  p l e a s e.
Help. I could be re-reading the same notes for over an hour and not getting anything it. Seriously?! This is bad -.- Study mood where are you yo? My friends back in kl are having exam soon too. Jiayou together beh my friends! ;)

So what's up lately? Well, gladly to say that I had a weekend getaway to Ipoh last week. It was an impromptu decision to go for a short getaway. Could take some time off to just relax and unwind and venture into a vintage rustic Ipoh. Truly love how rustic the city of Ipoh is. I shall steal time to blog about my Ipoh trip! Somehow I like Ipoh more than Penang. I like how it is more reserve and less busy. You could walk into lorongs accompanied with a nostalgic feel, I like it.

My youngest sister have been missing me dearly. Mom told me she have been looking for me. Can't help to feel the love back at home. A month more til home. At the mean time, I have to do what I have to in Kedah. Example: Studying and not blogging lol.

I think that should be all for now. Should really be studying. Three oral tests in this week and the upcoming week. Well, degree life...


Nov 22, 2015

My First 10KM

Another wish checked off today! I successfully finished a 10KM marathon!!! Didn't know I was able to finish the whole 10KM run, but hey, I did it!!! Penang Bridge International Marathon yo.

Just last week, I started to rebuild my stamina but having morning jogs at the track. Initially, brining way back.....I already started to train for this marathon, I went for evening jogs around campus and all but however so, during exam week, everything was put on halt. So that's why I had to rebuild again the momentum.

The journey to my first marathon begins!

I spent a night over at my friend's house in Butterworth. I wouldn't say I did spend the night there because we slept from 9-11pm only, but actually we didn't quite get our sleep. Just for some reasons, we are half asleep and awake -.- Which equals to no sleep at all. We head to the jetty to take the ferry over to Penang Island at 12am. The ferry took 15minutes. While waiting, we saw many other marathon participants, they were all geared up with their sport shoes in hand or either they wore the marathon jersey already. The feeling was good, everyone taking the ferry together and heading to the race site. And it was also exhilarating taking the midnight ferry, just until I spot a rat at the ferry -.- fml

Just as we got off the ferry, we went to look for my friend, JJ, who was also joining the marathon wohoo! Thank you for the ride! There was jam on the way there and it was very hard to find parking, we had to park very far away. And by the time it was almost 1am when we found a parking. By the time you could already see many runners walking towards the same direction, it was a very cool feeling I tell you!

The full marathon was set to start at 1am+, we saw a display of fireworks from afar. So nice! Then there goes the honk. Let it begin! Wow, I tell you, just by a look at the full marathon runners, you just feel like giving a 90 degree bow. Salute. So steady. There were so many full marathon runners! I wonder when could I run a full marathon haha.

Ooh, and then the 3 of us roam around the area. And guess what, I saw Lim Guan Eng! Omg. The man himself (Y) Abit starstruck that time,

Then later at 3am, JJ start his half marathon! Wohoo! He did so good mygosh. Then at 3.15am, it was Lay Sim's turn for her half marathon. I'll probably join the half marathon gang after a few more attempts at 10KM haha.

I had so much time to spend from 3am-7am. I thought to myself, yay I got 4 hour of sleep. But it was hard to sleep because there wasn't any place I could sleep. Of course I wanted to sleep. You could see so many people sleeping on the streets everywhere. I did had my fair try of sleeping in a bar table haha. Honestly, the only sleep that I get was 30mins. I was with my course seniors. I thank them for letting me tag a long and for being very nice to me, thank you! :)

Around 6am,  finally contacted with YC and met her at the running site. By that time, both of us were exhausted. I was so sleep deprive up until a point where I wanted to just not run this marathon and go home and sleep. The sleep deficit was no joke. But then there was this announcer that was very entertaining, because she had this typical aunty pattern lol. "Step on the mat and go", she kept repeating it to the 10KM male runners who departed at 6.45am.

At 7am, it was finally my turn to run. So excited! But it was a bit tough at first, in a sense, there were too many people. Crowded. So you have to maneuver around the crowd to continue running.

Here, I am proudly to say that I ran the whole 10KM without any stop, except when I took a photo with Yue Ying and taking a sip of sunkist lol.

Credits to Yue Ying coz i stopped by to say hi haha

There was a point where I almost can't take it, but I just jogged really really slow. I didn't know how I did it. From the starting point, because we're jogging towards the Penang Bridge, so the excitedness you know. I wanted to see what is there to see upfront, so I guess it motivates myself. The view was astonishing. The view of the Penang bridge with the sunrise.

And then, you are running with a crowd, whenever I feel like stopping, I see the people around me continuing the momentum, so I was motivated to keep on my pace. And then you see people who are walking, I was thinking, nope I don't wanna walk, I wanna run this marathon! So I continued. And then there's uncles and aunties who are so much older than you, you see them running, I am younger than them, they are not even stopping and walking and you who are young want to?! You don't, you keep running.

Even met Leo club members from our uni! And of course, miss Lau Yue Ying.

Half way there!!

There's definitely a lot to see during the run. You could see husband and wive motivating each other running, giving each other the support each other need. You see couples who run together holding hands. The elderly running (Y)

All in all, it was a very very very good experience joining this marathon. This won't be my last! And big thanks to everyone that lend a hand, from training, to a place to stay, with a ride, a good company :)

PS: And did I say there are so much food?! Unlimited supply of 100plus, Milo, Sunkist and Fitnesse!! Mygosh how can you not come to a marathon? Hahaha.

Aug 26, 2015

Unexpected hostel


This morning was my registration day for the new intake. Honestly, today was a pretty rough day to begin with. There wasn't a long queue to register, however I had issues with my hostel. Maybe due to the fact that my previous hostel was really clean and hygienic, I've set a certain level of the hostel that I want. I am not the really kind of people who is really picky but the first room that I got today was really really really bad. I was welcomed by an unpleasant smell and shoes were scattered everywhere and not to mention I could see layers of dusts and hair all over the floor. The whole room was very stuffy, everything was shut close. My bed was beside the window, as what I wanted, the room was at the second floor, as what I wanted. But just by looking at the cleanliness and condition of the hostel, I could not stay there any minute longer. 

Initially I was told that I have to wait for a week in order to change hostel. Life's good, I was allowed to switch that day itself but I would have to find a room myself. So the search begins. I was running up and down multiple flight of stairs, asking familiar faces and ringing up some numbers just to ask if there was any available rooms. After a whole afternoon of searching, I finally found a room that was just right. It's at the fifth floor, it's not by the window, but it's clean. Real clean.

When I mention my request to change from second floor to fifth floor, they were shocked to hear. It really emphasize how much I really wanted to switch my room. Really thankful that I was able to settle everything in. I unpacked and put everything into place. I finished my registration by 10am but all things settled by 7pm. What an exhausting day.

Would really wanna thanks the people who helped out today and those who took concern about my matters today... Out of everything, most of the stuff I still had to settle it by my own. This is a matter of being independent and part of growing up.

That's all for today!

I think I loss some grams today. Ran up and down the fifth floor at least 10 times today fml.

Goodnight, Pris.

Aug 25, 2015

Journey to Kedah

This morning I took a 6 hours of butt cracking journey all the way to Kedah. Oh yeah man. So after all considerations, eventually I took the bus. Dad did insist on driving me there but yeah... I took the bus.

For the past few weeks I've already started my packing process. It's not because I wanted to leave so eagerly, it's so that I will not forget the things that I was suppose to bring. Well, for that beng said mom just text me that I forgot some stuff. For example my power bank T.T
I had all things plan out, during my 6 hour journey I can play my phone, a new game that I'm after, Four Letters. I can surf the net while I'm at it because I know I'll have my power bank to charge it back up. But heck, I forgot my power bank so I reduce my usage of phone, thus I slept right away the minute I got into the bus lol.

Woke up half way at a rest stop. I didn't had lunch either. My initial plan was to have the food that mom packed for me. With that being said again, I forgot to put it into my bag. fml. Mom purposely woke up so early just to cook it for me, she even did some preparations the night before. She isn't those early people and yet she wake up early just to prepare it for me coz I nag her that I'll miss her food. Thank you mama <3 yet I forget it and mom take it as her lunch lol.

Becoz we arrived at Jalan Duta quite early so we had round two breakfast there. Had a great talk with mom and dad. The bus arrived quite off schedule but it was okay since I get to be with mom and dad. 

Tomorrow is registration day! Gotta wake up early for it! On top of that, I get to meet my senior today, did a lot of catch up :D 


Aug 23, 2015


Wednesday is my degree registration day. Currently having a dilemma between taking a bus or having my parents to send me all the way up to Kedah. It takes approximately 6 hours by bus, 1 hour by flight (to Penang or Alor Setar), probably 4 or 5 hours by car. In a way I don't want to trouble my parents for sending me all the way there coz that means they will spend an estimate of at least 10 hours travelling the north-south highway. Of course I did consider driving there first so they will just have to take turns driving back. Nevertheless if I take to account the toll fees and petrol that w'll be spending, I rather take a 6 hour bus. Part of me don't want to trouble anyone this time around.

Okay done nagging bout transportation.

Apparently I think too much of teh ais kurang manis make me can't sleep or it's just probably I haven't reach my bed time. Been sleeping really late coz degree is starting, once it begins, I'm gonna be a nerd, be a good girl. Heh, maybe la. Don't mind me, bullshitting *:P*

As mentioned in my previous post, my holiday was as long as 4 months. I get to hang out with my friends a lot more. Being in high school was different, we could meet up every single day and have those super fun moments. Since everyone went to college, we don't meet up as often as we could as some of us study so far away and at times will be too busy. But being able to reserve some time in a week to meet up with each other is really something I'll treasure. We get to spend time together like how we used to but not in classrooms haha.

My two favourite girls. Found a place to be called our old place. Great music, drinks and company. Really like the ambiance and the feeling at that place. When lil' Y come back, we'll go there! Hehe. Can't love this girls enough lah. Idk if I mentioned this before but although I'm the 2nd eldest among us four, I always feel the youngest among them two. Like two jie jie take care of me. Feeling much love yo <3 Ern posted this, 
"The exact same place, the exact same company. Whenever I thought that distance were getting in the way, only til I realize nothing's change"
couldn't agree more :)

Then there's these bunch of bro's which is really fun to hang out with. Late night mamak with them every weekend. Sort of forced them to have this photo lol. They look decent enough haha. Endless talking lah. I get too much gaming info thou, too bad I don't do gaming. Thanks for the mamak sessions bros :)

There is also my good buddy linghes and lcd. Two nerds that I know since high school. I can't express how happy I am for linghes at getting medic :) also had mamak with them the other day. Thanks for all the help, especially during muet time haha. damnit so last minute preparation for muet.

All the good times spent together during holiday. Why fun times have to end so soon.. Lol I know I'm like giving out a feeling like I ain't coming back. It's not like i'm not coming back. Of course I'm gonna be back, it's home after all. It's just that the next time I'm back it's gonna be next year, most probably. And becoz I feel that people often scare me with what's degree like o.o kns you ppl lol

First picnic with the clique! Woke up ridiculously early to prepare and depart early but heck, still late haha. Gonna blog in a separate post regarding our picnic (if i rajin enuf)

yum cha.

girls night out. that time everyone one of us were working. So I tot we should make time to hang out often. Hence a girl's night out! <3

Was really glad to meet my primary friend too! Been friends for so many years! Met her twice during this holiday. Glad to spend her birthday together too! 

Okay goodnight. It's almost 3am wtf. Goodnight!

Aug 19, 2015


One week from now I'll be going back to my previous university to continue my degree. It's a love and hate relationship with this university. By returning to the same place, I can meet my friends again! At least gonna spend the other 4 years together at the same place.

As time closing in, part of me just want to stay at home, close to family and friends but another part of me is excited to embark on yet another new journey. This feeling of excitement comes with some butterflies. A sense of anxiety. Degree is a whole new level. Transferring from pre-u to degree, you got to step up your game. Foundation was child's play. Nevertheless, I hope I could cope up with my studies.

After an estimate of 3 months holiday, it's time to get the engine running in full power again. For that, I've set some goals to achieve. For starters, my fitness level. Work out have been hiatus for 3 months, and my stamina level might have deteriorate... fml -.-  Not to mention my flexibility too. I just have to loss some kilograms! 

What does degree have to offer? I am really not sure. But it sure gonna be challenging. I've been accepted to enter the faculty of pharmacy. It takes 4 years of studies. I'll get to see new and familiar faces. A new syllabus. Phew...

I look forward to it.

Aug 9, 2015

Ah Gong

24th January 1938 - 1st August 2015

Dearest ah gong, you are forever in loving memory. 

It was a Saturday night when I first receive the news of ah gong's passing. The previous day, Friday, I was sick the whole day up until Saturday morning. I first received the news when I was driving, picking up Esther from tuition where my aunt back in hometown called us saying grandpa might have passed on already. By that time Esther answered the call. And my aunt say that he might have only. She mentioned the doctor couldn't find his pulse. Minutes after, ah gong passed away. He left the world at approximately 6pm.

Mom and dad came home at 7pm approximately, by that time Esther and I were already packing and getting ready to return to hometown. When mom reached home, immediately I went to gave her a hug. We both stood there hugging each other crying. Apple was confused as to why we were crying so she said, "Mommy, da jie, why are you crying?". 

We continued on packing. Mom had prepared dinner for the family beforehand, she cooked grandma's chicken rice. Everyone was calm, eating and exchanging words. We left KL to Pahang not long after.

As we arrived, we saw many men setting up tents outside the house, doors were all open, the whole house were lit up. In the house we went and we saw our relatives and also a coffin. Ah gong put on his best suit, I recognize that suit that he wore on my cousin's wedding. People put on make up for him, even comb his hair but not the way he used to comb though! My aunt said he looked handsome. Yes he does :)

The next morning more arrangements were done. Ah gong was placed outside of the house, surrounded by lamps and curtains and flowers. It was my first time witnessing something like this. Men were walking in and out, getting things ready. Other relatives came the next day too. It was actually very heart warming that everyone back at hometown together.

When grandma passed away, I was at a very young age. Probably 6 years old. I could only remember seeing popo in the coffin with the help of dad carrying me up. That was the only memory I had at popo's funeral. I also remembered mom crying when she received the news through the phone by my uncle. But at ah gong's funeral, I am very aware of things. This time around, I was in charge of collecting 白金 with my cousin. The whole big family helped each other in every other way. Go teamwork. Dad was in charge of handling the obituary, corresponding with the newspaper people and making sure every detail published was correct.

 On the second night, the grandchildren were told to gave eulogy if we could. I stepped up to gave on alongside with a video. Esther did too. The night started as usual, with some church service because my grandpa was a Christian. Then later on, my eldest aunt who stayed with ah gong gave her eulogy followed by my second uncle. Then it was the grandchildren's turn. Ah gong have a total of 8 children and 15 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. I was the 13th. My 14th cousin was first, followed by Esther and then myself. My cousin gave such a beautiful eulogy.

Initially my eldest aunt who gave her eulogy started crying,which then gave a domino effect to all the ladies in my family. I was on the verge of crying as well but I held back. Then when Esther went up, she immediately cried when she said hi to everyone. She was constantly crying when she gave her eulogy, making it harder for me to hold up. But I know if I let it out that time, I wouldn't be able to talk later and so I gave my eulogy without crying.

My eulogy started something like this...
I repeated some things that was spoken by Esther as she was sobbing when she talked.

We grew up without knowing my dad's parents because they passed away at a very early age, Even my dad couldn't recall much of them. So this leaves us to my mom's side. My memory of grandma would be, during Chinese New Year she will be the one cooking all the delicious food. Grandma always overworked herself too though. For grandpa, we spent a lot of time with him. This was all thanks to my dad for emphasizing how important is it to treasure the time spent together while they are still with us. I have clear memories of ah gong for the past several years.

I had the chance of decorating the Christmas tree with him together with Apple and Esther. He will always belanja us mamak when we go back home, often asking if we are full or hungry or if we have eaten. He would often go for evening walks, sweating so much and then later return home for dinner with a very very very big appetite. Ah gong appetite is no different to a young man. He eats a lot and his favourite food is siu yok (bbq pork). Often after church service he would be really hungry and asks me to take some food for him. We have leftovers from dinner, knowing that ah gong will come back for round two. So I remember moments where I take food for him and sat at the dining table in the kitchen, accompanying him. I try to talk to him when he eats, I tried to talk hakka. We would exchange some words but most of the time I will stared at him finishing the food in records time haha.

I remember a time when we went for an evening walk together. There were this long flight of stairs We walked up the stairs together and I mentioned I wanted to be a pharmacist. And when I manage to earn my own money, I will give ah gong some as how he always give me. I just got my acceptance letter to enter degree in pharmacy on the 3rd of August. 

Ah gong is someone I really treasure in my life, he was the only one who gave me the feeling of being a grandchild. I thank him for that. Thanking him for all the care throughout the years. I'll be remembering him as a very happy-go-lucky man :)

Ngai oi ni ah gong.

Jul 10, 2015

Weekend at Setia Alam


Last weekend was a great weekend indeed, as we spent the day with our cousin at Setia Alam. My aunt from Pahang came down so we thought it's time for a family gathering. The whole day was spent by chasing the two little one and making big gigantic bubbles for their amusement (...well actually ours too... hehe).

I've seen videos in the internet showing the ways to make these bubbles. So I always wanted to try it out! Didn't know that Setia Alam have this huge open area where people could lay back and have a nice picnic. It was the puasa month so there were so many people breaking their fast there. The best part was the shops that allow you to rent these equipment to make bubbles! There are a few choices to choose from, ranging from RM2-RM4. We chose the one with six loops. It was amazing. When the wind is strong enough, just raise up the two poles and multiple gigantic bubbles will appear before your eyes! 

I would love to do it again hehe :)

Est and I both equally have as much fun making the bubbles as the two little ones chasing after it, trying to pop it. We let the two of them to try out, making bubbles but they end up drenched in soap mixture lol. 

That's all for now.


Jul 1, 2015

July 1st ;


I might look a bit constipated in this photo. But look at the lights in this photo! So colourful and vibrant! It's yet another new month. How do I begin with this month?

Well, for starters, I am trying to get my work out momentum back. Even if it's just some simple exercises, it should slowly build up. It's so hard to keep up to pace though! Guess I don't have much of a motivation.

Tomorrow is going to be another day at work. I'm keen on it though! Because I'm learning something new everyday. 

Today as well, my good buddy Yan Yan graduated from foundation! Congratulations!!

Have a great day ahead!


Jun 30, 2015

June ;


June has been a lot of things. For one, I treat it as the end of my holidays. No more slacking, no more waking up in the noon and sleeping late night. Of course since foundation was over, I took a few weeks after finals to really rest and have fun until dawn. However, first week of June was quite rough. I needed major readjustments, in terms of my sleeping time and also occupying my free time.

Before I found my current part time job, I spent my time just like any other ordinary housewife. I cleaned the whole house, cook lunch, pick up Apple from kindergarden and also did laundry. Not bad ah... 

June was also Father's Day! Last year I didn't manage to spend Father's Day with dad, just called him through the phone to wish him because I couldn't be home. So since I'm back at home, I made a card and a special video for dad :)

June was all great because I get to meet all my homies again! It's people like this who make you feel like this is home. Not to be missed, karaoke session with the future-pop-star Lcd, and of course my two favourite girls. Another day went job hunting with good ol' Linghes. Haraju Cube with Cj, Tif and Voonie. Now I finally know where is Empire Damansara! Night spent at the juice bar, reunited with busy-woman Ern. Lounging like we own the place, doing origami and reminiscing high school times. Everyone trying their best to put each other in shame by recalling humiliating stuff that we did in the past. Yeah, friends like this -.-

Being back at home feels awfully good! For starters, home cook food! I can't. I really did try to cook, it's accepted by everyone except Esther Ong. Occasionally Apple don't take my cooking too well too. It's not that my cooking skills is all that bad, just that...well, let's just say I cook a tad bit healthily. I put too less salt and oil at times til the food taste utterly bland.

Whenever Est is in the mood to cook, she really cook some really awesome stuff. It rarely tastes bad, ever. I think it never. But problem is that, she rarely cooks. Meh/

Being at home also means more family bonding time. Especially this little one lah. Too cute to resist. Now she is so talkative! SInce she is the youngest in the family, she brought life and laughter everyday. Having a little one at home makes a difference.

That's all for now.

Goodnight :)

May 15, 2015

Love, May


It has been a great one year. My one year of foundation studies in AIMST has ended :) I started my course in May 21st, 2014 and ended on May 8th, 2015. Initially I entered a few days late than the others because it was a last minute decision to enter this university too. I had plans for A-levels and engineering courses. But ended up taking foundation in science in a medical school. What a big u-turn. And because I was late, I didn't went for orientation.

I was placed in B2 class. A total of 42 people. I was given a chance of becoming Sem 2's class rep. It was a nice experience. Eventually I knew everyone in my class. It was nice having tutorial classes with you all, and for some, falling asleep in class together haha.

My two housemates which I truly appreciate, one from Sabah and the other from Sarawak. And I'm from KL. Complete lah, One Malaysia already! Haha. Both of them were there from the start of the foundation. There's a lot of things taken into consideration when you have housemates and room mates. I could'nt have asked for better housemates like you girls :) I really enjoyed all the time we spent together, be it grocery shopping, cooking, chatting or even studying. Everything is fun with you girls. Thank you for everything and for tolerating my childishness :P

Then there's these revolutionary people who always goes out for supper. We can have supper almost every night! Revolution from thin to fat jiu got lah! Hahaha. I know I can't stop laughing when it's with you guys, a really fun bunch of people to keep.

That's all for now, I shall continue with other blog post soon :)

Love, Pris

Jan 24, 2015


So I am officially 19. Honestly, 19 sounds old compare to 18 because it's just another year til you reach big old 20,  that's two decades. Totally a different feeling when I was 9. When I was 9, I was so eager into turning 10, finally a double digit! Wow, that's awesome, I thought. But when it come to switching your tens digit from 1 to 2, it really does feel something. And yet, mom  and dad would be saying, if you are old, then what is grandpa, he is 80+. Wow. Just wow. You know how RM19.99 would always sounds cheaper than RM20, but seriously it's just 1 sen away from RM20, nevertheless it still feels cheaper. So should I be optimistic by saying, hey it's just 19, not 20.

Just tonight we were talking and Voonie mentioned how she don't even like to reveal her age anymore. Which reminds me of the other day when someone asked me how old was I, I contemplated, then answered, "This year 19".

What have I accomplished so far when I was 18? I would say I went out of my norm. Attempted new things in life, staying in a hostel, being more independent, organizing event, talk to new people... Despite so, it would mean, having to spend lesser time with my good ol' friends in kl and also my family. Nevertheless, there is something called social medias. But after my read on Love, Rosie or Where Rainbows End, I would really want to attempt to write, to send out postcards, handwritten mail or even email.

I do remember how an sms was like a gem to me, eventhough through whatsapp you could add emoticons, type as long as you want, it didn't have the same feeling to what I felt previously. I used to keep birthday wishes from my friends for at least 3 years. At times, your phone storage would be full, you no longer could store any new sms, you are forced to delete some...heartbreaking indeed. To me, the past trends seems to be more favourable, like what I have mentioned, written letters, or even sms. Same goes to fashion.

I should really start collecting people's house addresses.

Reading the novel Love, Rosie also makes feel that time is indeed really fast. Now I could be 19, the next time..whoshhh, bam! I have kids and a husband *smirks* Well that is forever one of my life goals. Simple, go through childhood times, high school, college, get a career, go dating, married, get kids. Just today my ex colleague wished me a happy birthday with a note, "hope you meet many guys". lol. And not to mention, my friends and I often point out how eager are we to see one of us finding a soulmate. We are not desperate, it's just that, well, most of us didn't really started any datings. Anyhow, life's great, life's wonderful, you could always have a great time with a bunch of friends. The soulmate could wait.

I shall type soon when I think of things, there is just so many to think about. Til then, goodnight.

Jan 23, 2015


I feel old.