Sep 21, 2014



I'm currently having my semester 1 break, and you know what that means! Reunions! :D My whole two weeks of break has been quite fruitful. First week was mostly reserved for the family and my ownself. Sleep deficit. Enjoyment deficit (mostly just surfing the net and watching movies). And in between still, reunion with my high school mates.

So here's the thing about reunions, there are these few frequently asked questions between my friends and I.

Besides the "How are you?",

1. What course are you taking?
Sometimes even meeting once or twice, I get this question or my friends do, vice versa. Some may take A-levels, STPM, foundation, MUFY and etc.

2. How long is your holiday?
This is a question I ask a lot haha. For this time, three of my friends asked more often.

I know my post seems redundant but that's just all, heh.

This bunch of crazy women, #winliao. crazy as usual.

Sep 10, 2014

Semester 1

Happy holidays!

Just finished my sem 1 test last week. Right after the test, I'm having my sem 1 holiday! Wohoo! It's definitely a treat to have a two week break right after the finals. Since the change of system from term-based to semester-base, every test is important as it holds a very high percentage. Meaning, 4 more tests to go. But for right now, it's time to have break for myself. Though I might as well, update this space.
Semester 1 by far, has been great! Lots of achievements unlock. For 1, I manage to take up sports as a hobby. At some days, I will wake up early in the morning for a jog. Yes, I am surprised myself as well. I used to be a couch potato. I guess being away from home made me more discipline in a way.

Recently took up squash with the help of a friend. Awesome!
Since I entered university, I took up two new sports. One, swimming. Two, squash. *pats myself on the back* Good job. Even so............., I've gained weight already T.T Due to my excessive food intake recently. Oh shoot -.-

I was lucky enough to have a great bunch of housemates and roommates. Cheers! :D Our housemates consists of both East and West Peninsular yo! #completelah