Jul 13, 2014

Officially Missing You

Officially missing you explains the content that I'm about to share. Yes, after 2 months of being away from home, and after video calling all the way back home. It hit me, I miss home terribly. I miss my family terribly. Almost I couldn't finish the video call because I know my tears will fall any second. And I was right, by the time I ended the video call with mom, and I look around my housemates, I started crying. Oh man... I didn't know how homesick felt like. Because this has been the longest time I've ever left home.

Everything feels surreal, leaving home, studying far away, pursuing a higher level of studies. I'm hitting adulthood soon? Lol, maybe not so soon. Not with my bunch of childish, crazy, hyper housemates haha :) 

I guess, the second longest time I left home was my trip to Japan. I did felt a bit homesick when I was celebrating new year over there. But I guess, this time I really felt homesick. Man, I sound really homesick don't I?

Okay okay okay, this whole post gonna have this sad vibe. But yeah, I am fine here. Most of the time I'll be busy with assignment and relaxing in the evening or exercising. Just that, it somehow happen that yesterday I felt very homely. I saw how  little Apple is growing up so fast, and Essie who admitted that she misses me *hearts flutter*. Haha, being the eldest have its time :) Having two sisters missing me hehe. 

Ending this post with a silly photo. The feet belongs to my housemate.
And who's catching FIFA's World Cup Finals later?!

I'm supporting Argentina all the way!


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