Jul 7, 2014

Adapting well

Hello people, I'm back! I've been busy with assignments and studying for my mid-sem  test lately, and hence the lack of blogging. But part of it is just lame reasons, it's mostly because I've lost my blogging mojo :/ I was viewing through my list of favourite bloggers, and I missed how much I love blogging, or at least for now, used to... 

Yay to a nice three days of slacking. Mid-sem is over on Friday, and I've been taking full use of my time to relax. I should be completing my stack of assignments by just now, but here I am...blogging. I thought I might as well update this space of mine while the passion resurface once in a blue moon!

By far, BEST DINNER EVER here. Because it gives the taste of home in a way. It's not oily, it's less salty...just nice. I think we bought a tad too much of food for our steamboat. But it was really satisfying! I would say the most decent food by far, because for one, we cooked and prepared it ourselves, and two, we ate it in the hostel. Feels so homely... :)

Me in the lecture hall. My friend have this thing of snapping me in lecture halls, making sure I don't fall asleep. And ever so often I get 'jentik' at the head for dozing off, that hit definitely made me awake -.- The lecturers that we get is so far relatively good, some are really dedicated. But having lecture classes in the afternoon is one tough thing, you have to resist the chances of falling asleep.

and recently celebrated a friend's birthday at the only cafe here. Students often spend their time here, munching off brownies, home-made ice-creams and waffles... 

During the whole week of mid-sem, constantly went to the library and the study area for last minute studies. Why wouldn't this bad habit change even when I'm in university?

It has been close to 2 months now that I've been here. And in 2 weeks time, I'll be going back home! How I missed home :( Nevertheless, everything has been great. Hands full with assignments, closing to our first sem test in a month's time wth. July batch just came in. I am gaining more weight -.- due to the excessive food consumed recently. But at least there are outputs, ever so often I would go for a swim or a jog around campus. At least my interest towards sports heightens here as it is really convenient for myself. Even so, all these late night suppers that I have been taking...ain't helping at all fml.

PS: Finally caught a FIFA World Cup match last night! And coincidentally, yesterday was my favourite team, Argentina! Wohoo! Beautifully executed. Hoping for a better match in the semi-finals!

Til then, good night and goodbye for now.

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