May 25, 2014

Life at AIMST

hi guys,

HELLO! As you can see, I've finally started university! Of all the uncertainty and frustrations I had for the past few weeks have finally been unravel. I started uni last Tuesday, May 20th. Actually I was late for university. Class had already started and so does orientation. The minute I receive the call from AIMST on May 19th morning, I started packing my bags to leave tomorrow. Seriously. I am still amazed at how fast I packed.

The environment here is great and all. Lots of greenery if I may say. For those who don't know, AIMST is located in Kedah. Jauh di negeri jelapang padi yo... And hence, it is far away from KL hectic urban lifestyle. Kedah is way more subtle. Heck, even some movies are not screening in Sg.Petani's shopping center (not that I've been there, I've heard from people around). I want to watch Maleficient so badly T.T

I would say university and high school is definitely different. From the surroundings, classes, lecturers, friends... My life here has been great, apart from the lack of entertainment here. Oh well, you just have to get use to that. And I would like to help other people out there who are curious of AIMST since I myself was really curious. Especially about the accommodation. Because I find most of the information through the internet so hopefully I could clear some of your questions.

But heck, it's only my 5th day here in AIMST.

Anyways, I do hope I have more time to fill in this space like how I used to.

Til then, bye! Time for dinner! 

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