May 31, 2014

AIMST Hostel and Accomodation

Good afternoon,

It's the weekends again and that means, the internet line is relatively less bad ass and so, I will be able to blog today. As promised I will be posting stuffs about AIMST, so today I'll be showing my hostel. There's a few options of rooms to choose from;

  • 4 beds per room
  • 3 beds per room
  • 2 beds per room
  • 2 beds per room with air-conditioner
I took the cheapest one - 4 beds per room. The price changes from time to time so it's better you call AIMST to ask about the hostel & accomodation price. When you are a hosteler, for my year, the hostel is RM550 per month, it is inclusive of 3 meals per day in the cafeteria + 5kg of laundry per week. They used to include transport as well but I am not sure if it's transport from outside of campus into campus, but anyhow it is not included now. 

This is my bed. You could bring your guitar if you want to! I was really glad that I brought my ukulele with me. It could definitely be your accompany during weekends or free time. Here I get to play my ukulele while my housemates sing hehe. You could bring your guitar or even piano(keyboard) here! Yes there are really people who brought their keyboard piano. Of course you couldn't bring the upright piano la, because there wouldn't be a place for it.

My study table.

*You might want to bring a marker pen as well because there's a mini whiteboard at the study table (the white one that you see)

In every room, a study table will be provided as well as a locked cabinet. For the bed, mattresses is provided only. You will have to bring your own bed sheets, blanket, and pillows. Bring your bolster too if you like to hug it! And for my study table, the table light is not provided as well as the extension. I would suggest you to get an extension with 4 to 3 sockets, very useful. Table light is not necessary unless you really want your study table to be really bright and in case you still want to study late night when your room mates are asleep. I would say the room is bright enough for me.

Plus, there's an internet cable in each room. But there is only one, see if you are lucky enough if the internet cable is built-in at your corner. For me, I had to go to room mate's study table to surf the net, like what I am doing now while I'm typing this post. I am not sure if the internet cable is provided because it's already here when I came. There is no wifi at the hostels, just internet cables.

 **Update 2016: There is wifi in the room.

On the left - 4 bathrooms (2 with heaters, 2 without)
On the right - 4 toilets

Here's the toilet and bathroom. There's four basins and mirrors. There isn't any mirrors in the room, only in the toilet. For laundry services, it does not include your undergarments. For that, you should get a pail, detergent and a brush. And there is a place for you to hang dry your clothes. Bring a lot of hangers.

Here's the living room. Yeap, the sofa's is in bad shape, we complained already. Hopefully we'll be able to change it by this week. There's a 2-seated sofa and a 3-seated one. A table in the middle. For the fridge, not every hostels have it. Mine have. See your luck! Plus, do bring water kettles to boil water and perhaps those that can cook noodles as well. By right, you are not allowed to cook in the hostels but heck, everyone here have their stocks of instant noodles hiding in their cabinets haha. You could bring a mini rice cooker too!

I am feeling super lucky to be living in my hostel block because my relationship with my housemates and room mates are in good terms. I heard that some of my friends don't even talk to their room mates or housemates. Everyone in my hostel talks to each other and helps each other, even offer each other food to share. And also, my hostel have a fridge! Damn lucky. Most of my classmates hostel don't have a fridge. My hostel also have a water filter that was bought by one of our senior housemate. #grateful At first I thought "woah, AIMST hostel is not bad! Have water filter and fridge too", but turns out the presence of fridge was by luck and the water filter is from a very nice senior! Truly blessed.

Feel free to ask me any questions either through my email or comment below, I'll try to answer it if I can.

Til then, bye!


  1. Hi, is it complusory to stay in the hostel ? or can we rent room outside by ourself?

  2. To Anonymous,
    No, it is not compulsory to stay in the hostel. Yes, you can rent a room outside.

  3. There i s no single room in Aimst?

  4. Aimst uni does not have sing le room?

  5. @Jessica Jung

    Single rooms are only available for international students

  6. Is the bathroom located inside the hostel?

  7. @anonymous

    , the bathroom is located inside the hostel


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